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looking for anyone surviving Mucinus Adenocarcinoma with unknown Primaries.

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Was diagnose in 2010. Went with Duke, had total hysterectomy with a 2lb. mass on ovary, tumor markers shown unkown primaries..via mosty CEA's. Did 6 treatments with Taxol/Carbo. finished in April 2011. It really has taken me this long to really over the chemo., It took it's toll on my body, mind and soul. I had to step away from it all about 9 months ago, really thinking I was just free of it all, and had turned towards organic foods, herbs and all natural, and will conitue, my CEA's only got to normal range once during treatment. Plan to just keep an eye on them thru bloodwork and CTs scan. A visit to my Dr. last week after 6 weeks of hurting, also very tired, I'm anemic again. This worries me, working on getting back up to Duke for testing, I was up for the MOAS with HEPIC at Wake Foerest, but denied for insurance reasons, why I've gone alternative health..they called it Co-morbidiy for i have a few other chronic conditions..just kind of feeling low here, very rural in my area, haven't had hardly a care taker, been a long road...just know really being able to read and see after that Chemo. it took so much out of me..thanks ...just me and my dog...

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