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Evoxac for Saliva

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I've been using Evoxac now for about 4 weeks.  I'm about 4 months out from my 2nd rad/chemo treatment for nasalpharengeal/maxillary sinus and eye orbit cancer.   I have to say, that, my saliva generation seems much better than it has since my first rads in 2010.  

Could just be my time to feel better.  But I would like to hear from anyone else that has used Evoxac (Cevimeline).  Has it helped you?



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after my first rads. For me it didn't work, and I got a significant tacchycardia, which was an unpleasant side-effect.  Later, my saliva came back anywayLaughing  For others it helps quite a bit, so if you think you've noticed a change, you probably have.  Good for you.



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Been on it for seven years after tonsil cancer. I can definitley tell if I don't take it. I agree with the above if it works great.

Hope you continue to have a long and successful recovery.


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...........everybody's different.  Used it for 6 months - nada.  But glad it worked for someone.  Just goes to show you, only way to know for sure  - try it.


Positive thoughts!


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The drug did not work for me, and was told if you do not see a good result in two weeks, it will not work.

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