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Hi mates it is FRIDAY any interesting plan for the weekend?

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Went to bed at 7 yesterday so we are destroyed ,nothing today but rest, Sunday parti celebrating 50 th anniversary of one cousin , most of the cousins will be there!
What about you mates?

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sauna, walking, meditation and reading.

might listen to some music.

have a lovely weekend pepe.

its nice to get in first.



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Cousins are such fun!  Enjoy!  Gary's shop is finally complete so we will be shopping for "shop" items!  Looking forward to the 70 degree weather before the rain gets here Sunday!

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Just letting my engine idle to get ready for the appointment race next week. Seems funny not to have to go "somewhere" for two whole days. Just eight appts. scheduled for next week, so far. Hubby just finished his first week of lung rads, so he's mostly just tired.



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Laundry, house stuff.  

It is Sunday here now....woke up to a light cover of snow....beautiful!


I am rather thoughtful today, remembering all of the places we visited and people we met on our 12-day trip.  On the ship alone, there were people from all over the world...speaking so many different languages...*smile* eating in the buffet was always an adventure!  And then to ride and walk down streets where so many souls passed...Rome, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Crete, and Naples...it was very humbling for me.  I am struck sometimes with the enormity of the journey I have traveled...since that day, so long ago (8 years plus), when I lay confined to my hospital bed, gazing outside and seeing the breeze stirring the tree outside my window...and vowing that if I could just feel the breeze on my cheek one more time, I would be at peace....

Hugs, my dear friend!  Kathi

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I was in a car accident on Thursday; so I am resting Due to callback injury.

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What a nice day.  Beautiful day in NC!  Enjoying every minute.  1 year ago I was just starting chemo.  What a difference a year makes.  

This is not easy but one day at a time!!

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This is my last two days on my chemo pills before I get a week off. After three weeks of chemo I'm really tired so the break will be good. Staying home this weekend. Watched Flight last night...it was pretty good. We like Amazing Race which is on tv tonight. Pray everyone has a peaceful weekend.  Jeff

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Heading to MDA tomorrow for tests...  Two days off to spend with grand kids in Galveston (NOT IN THE NASTY WATER! ). Back to MDA Thursday morn for ultrasound, then back to Dallas, then two dys to home.  I'm tired just typing this!  

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