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Ct-pet scan reports are in....

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I had made a brief mention of my increasing cancer markers in another topic .." RFA to tumour scars?.."

The tumor markers had an increasing trend which had me worried. Got my Ct-pet scans done as I was concerned and worried. Last scan was in November 2012. Then I was in maintenance chemo of erbitux for 12 cycles which completed on 19th february 2013.

The latest scan report reads like NED to me. Have yet to discuss with the oncologist in detail but on the telephone he said all is good and we have nothing further to do at the moment. The scan report synopsis reads as follows ,

Finally scan reports are in. The three spots On the liver which were there in the last scan seem to have resolved and the synopsis of the report says as follows,

The whole body PET scan shows
No demonstrable metabolically active focus/lesion in the liver. There is resolution of metabolic activity within previously described metabolically active lesions with calcifications in segments II, IV A and V. Further decrease in size of segment hypodense lesion with calcification from 2.1 x 2.7 to current 1.9 x 2 cm
No abnormal FDG uptake at the hepatic resection margin
No size significant or FDG avid adenopathy within abdomen
No evidence of FDG avid active disease elsewhere within the body

I hope it stays that way.......


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Good morning, Shitul. Congratulations on a clear scan. Wonderful news. You must be relieved. Have a good weekend.


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Awesome news Laughing!! Kim

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Great news indeed.

I'd be dancing in the street right now if that were me.

May it all continue on the good path.

Thank you for posting your good news. 

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I am happy to hear your good news.

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So happy for you.  It's so scary waiting for the results.

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Congratulations on the scan results Shitul.....

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From what you're seeing it sounds good. Pray after all your scans are complete you are NED.  Jeff

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Hello Shitul,

I would first like to start off by say congradulations, it is trully a blessing. That is great to hear and makes me extremely happy to read stories just like yours. It gives me a sense of hope for others who have to go through so much. 

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Early screening can save a life.

Thank you for your time and support,

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