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perineural invasion of face due to squamous cell carcinoma advanced case

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My dad's was finally diagnosed with squamous cell carcinonoma that has infiltrated his facial nerves.  He went undiagnosed by doctors for five months with terrible ear pain and now some paraysis of right side of face. No excision being done, only radiation recommended. Have read that chemo with radiation may be better, findings are inconclusive. he will be starting radiation next week. Does anyone have experience, a good story or information that would be helpful? If this doesn't work, what else is there? the doctors are not saying anything negative, or much... Really worried. Any thoughts out there?



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I have an aggressive SCC also and they are recommending major radical surgery followed by radiation .   Not sure if i can handle the terribly disfiguring surgery and may opt for radiation and chemo as second lessor option. Apparently erbitux as chemo agent is to make radiation more effective no so much a traditional  appllication of CHEMO. I know little but saw your post and wish you the best with your dad  Steve

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Hi splockard,

I just joined and hope by now you have found and gotten the best treatment. I had the same thing-very aggressive and invasive SCC of the nose/sinus. Have had 6 surgeries and 33 radiation treatments. They told me surgery is 1st line of defense and then I had to have radiation due to perineural spread. I've lost my right nose and part of cheekbone/part of cheek all the way back to sinus cavity. It returned or was resistant to radiation and just had another surgery in Dec. taking abit wider resection.

I totally understand where you are coming from. They told me in Dec. that I should have a very radical surgery removing most of my right face. I declined , as there would be NO quality of life after that. So I opted to have a lesser resection of part of the cheek, etc. Now have to stay unreconstructed for at least 2 yrs. as to make sure no cancer returns.

I am now using anti-cancer diet/vitamins/supplements/prayer/meditation and anything else I can as I don't want any more surgery. It has done enough collateral damage.

I hope you will let me know how you made out and I pray it is good.




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