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My Spleen Buddy

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Hi Johnny Be Good.   I hope you are feeling better.  Tomorrow I go in to get my speen removed by cutting off the blood supply.  They say it hurts so I have to stay over night.  I will be thinking of you.   Lets me for coffee this time next year and celebrate going spleen less.  Much love my friend and big hug! 

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I will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for the surgeon and his staff. 

I hope you don't suffer too much pain afterwards. 

Good luck!

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JGB set the bar high - now we all expect you to follow suit:)

Good luck with this procedure and things will be just fine...see you when you get back!


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so been thinking of you.it has been 4 weeks for me and i am finally getting my strength back.you can do this i know you can,you are strong.my heart is heavy today with the news of Buzzards passing and now finding out my spleen buddy is having her surgery tomarrow.i sure would like to take you up on your cup of coffee offer.will be waiting to hear from you soon...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Just noticed your post and wanted to wish you fair winds and following seas to push you right through your spleen procedure without hitting in squals and that you avoid any rocks and shoals.

God Speed,


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Your a fighter so I know you will do just fine.

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I'll keep you in my prayers for your surgery.

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Onward & upward, Vicki!

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Best wishes for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery.


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Good luck with surgery, I'm sure your ready to get this over with. You will get through this just fine.
Sandy :)

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