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Speech Therapy, finally!

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Hey everyone,

Tomorrow I finally have my 1st appointment with new speech therapist. They said expect to be there an hour, she will get all info and evalute situation to develop a treatment plan for me. Although I won't be doing another swallow study xray as of yet, they may order a tray and have me swallow to see where we are at. I am excited for that would be 1st food or whatever orally since at least Dec 19, 2012.

Its weird nothing but moving forward can come out of this, and most of me is really excited to start working so I can send my dysphlagia to hell along with "slim fast", but there is still a small part of me that's worried. Poking, proding...don't much care for that from anyone wearing white coat! Lol

I haven't been in anyones pocket yet, but could you all tuck me away and shout out some to the Big Gut for me!

You are all in my prayers since I joined, God will take care of all of you too!



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I had my swallow survey and today was the follow up with the therapist.  It was cool to be able to see what the mechanics were doing and get put on an exercise program to correct the faults.  So, I'm sure that they will put you on the path  to soon get you eating again.

I've got you in my pocket and thoughts.


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You really are on the road to recovery now. I love my speech therapist, I wish everyone could have one like her. I've been going for 5years now because my vocal cords have had many surgeries over the last 5 years and then when it all turned to full blown SCC we started adding swallow studies and swallow therapy. I've come a long way thanks to her.
Good luck to you.

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Joe,Billie and T,

Thank you makes me feel good to be tucked away. Ill let u know how it all goes. Of course I feel like something is stuck in my throat now, I have been doing exercises like crazy today, just want to hear its improved since pnuemonia in Dec., damn rad, the effects keep paying forward no matter how long u been on recovery!

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Hi Rachel,

It has to be a great feeling knowing you're moving forward regardless of being poked and prodded. Prayers and positive vibes coming your way. Most of my jeans are carpenter style and have plenty of pockets. Consider yourself tucked away!


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you can be tucked into a pocket....I don't wear carpenter's jeans, but do wear overalls (farmer john's).....I've got lots of BIG pockets... Laughing


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Joined: Feb 2013

Thanks Phrannie seems like a lot of people want to tuck into your pocket so mighty grateful I am there.

Thank the Lord he guided me here!

Good night to all, check in after 11 am est tomorrow!

God Bless you all and sleep well,


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