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Buzz has died

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Diane got a link to the Facebook announcement earlier today.  Here's what it said: Clift Powers passed away this morning after fighting cancer for several years. Please pray for Jodi Younce Powers and their family during this tough time.


Clift Powers (Buzz)


Rest in Peace my dear friend.  See you in heaven! 


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I appreciate you letting everybody know. Condolences to his family during this most difficult transition. 

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But alas, the reality of what may come.

God bless his family. I will send a prayer Heavenward for Jodi and all whose lives Buzz touched. 

Damn this disease!

P.S. Is this the same person whose name was Buzzard?


Brenda Bricco
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So long Buzz... thank you for being the kind of guy you were.


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and I appreciate you Patch for letting us know about his passing. Buzz was a stalwart for me when I first joined the board. I loved his humor, his kind support, and his no-nonsense attitude. I beleive I see that twinkle in his eye.

Fair winds Buzz!


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Thank you for letting us know this sad news.

Buzz was a valued and active member of this community for a long time, and was not only a giver of information but also of hope and support for many.  He will be missed, but not forgotten by those who had a chance to know him.

Condolances to his wife, children, family and those who loved him.

Marie who loves kitties

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Rest in peace by friend and thank you for all that you have brought to this board.

Posts: 60
Joined: Oct 2011

Rest in peace by friend and thank you for all that you have brought to this board.

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So sorry to read this.   In my first days of searching here, I came across many of Buzz's (yes Trubrit...Buzzard) posts and found so much comfort and hope.   I felt like I was constantly saying to my husband "well, this guy Buzz says..."  Though I only had direct contact with him once or twice when he answered my questions, I feel like I knew him.  

I wish peace and comfort to his family.

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my friend is in no more pain now and he will be waiting for me in heaven and when i get there i will grab onto that rope that he always held onto for alot of us.he helped me so much back in 2009 when i was on oxy and 5fu.rest in peace my fellow Kentuckian you will be missed but i know i will see you oneday.(((HUGS))) to your family and may God guide them thru all of this.....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Rest in peace my friend.  The kindness you showed to me during George's journey will never be forgotten. Your journey here is now over so when you get up to heaven, find my George, he is a great guy to swap fishing stories with.   Of course Cynthia's Rick will be there analyzing the stories, Blake will be there to work out the statistics, Jenny will be laughing and dear Lisa will be there praying for the whole bunch.


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Donna will be there with the welcome wagon and cheering everybody on!


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Posts: 2123
Joined: Oct 2009

Oh yes Chicky will definitely be there organizing the welcome wagon and Eric will be there too!


Hugs - Tina

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... you will be missed so much.

Farewell from Germany


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Clift's wife posted a family picture. 


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His poor children.  Condolences and wishes for peace to his family.  Ann Alexandria

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I have been expecting to see this post.I am saddened,

I think Buzz was the first person to greet me when I signed on here the first time.He teased me about my moniker being "JayLo"(J-Lo )....that is until he found out that JayLo is my fat catWink The first to friend me too.He was a thoughtful, fun man.

My deepest condolences to his family.

Rest peacefully dear Clift.

Until we meet again,

Your friend, Pat aka JayLo


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May Buzz be at peace now and out of pain.  He is someone that will not be forgotten here.  We will miss you Buzz.

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Prayers to family and friends.  Just no words. 

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Thank you for that, Patch!!


Hugs, Kathi

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You were such an inspiration to everyone here. I know you no longer have any pain, thank the lord. Praying for you and your family. Jeff

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darling Buzz....you fought long and hard on this one.  I am with Johnny on this one.....for those of you who were not around yet....when Buzz got through his tough spot he turned around and said......I got me a rope here and I am going to pull each and every one of you through.......there were quite a few of us on that rope at that time and he just kept pulling....

RIP Buzz.....best love, maggie

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for that one. so sad. i have no words.

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My condolences to the family.  Buzz was so supportive to many of us.

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I didn't get to know Buzzard but heard so much about him from all of you here. I am so sorry for his family and his friends here. I know it is hard for you to lose him, and that he's been treasured on this community. Wish I'd known him.


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Oh, me. My heart just hurts over this one. He was so precious and sweet and helpful. I will miss his presence here.




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This really makes me sad.  God's blessing to his family during this sad time.   

Momof2plusteentwins's picture
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Just Sad, another lost to this awful disease.
Sandy :(

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Joined: Dec 2012

Rest in peace and pain-free...  

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Our condolences to Buzz's family and friends.  He will always be remembered in our hearts.

Ellen & Pat

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You were the "guiding light" for so many of us here lost in the darkness. I'll always remember your kindness and consideration for others.

My condolences to Clift's family and friends.




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Oh, no...our dear Buzz, we willl miss you so much.  You always had such wise and honest words for us, and I thank you for giving us your love and support.  You will not be forgotten by those you knew and loved you.

Rest in peace dear Buzz, and soar with the angels...

With sympathy,


Posts: 753
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R.I.P. dear Buzz.
You were a kind, wonderful, man.

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Buzz, I miss you my friend.  I have missed you on the board here for quite some time, but I always knew you were still with us here on Earth.  Now you are gone with all the others that we have loved so much.  I am so glad that I had time with you here, to listen to your wisdom and share in your burdens.  You, my friend are a wonderful man.  I know you will be ever present in the lives of your beautiful family and I know they will miss you so.

I am sad, very sad.



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thats what I think about us all, but particularly buzz today.

he shared so much love and care.

he is at peace in the loving embrace with his god, I will never forget his kindness.



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wow, hard tobelieve tht Buzz has passed.  He fought such a good fight and was such an inspiration on this board.  I'll miss him.  Peace be with his family and friends in their loss.

Cathleen Mary
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Buzz helped me though the early days of my diagnosis and I am forever grateful. I pray for strength and peace for his family who he loved so much and fought so hard.

Cathleen Mary

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Just so sad Cry, Buzz was one of the first ones who helped me on here.  Rest in peace my friend.  Prayers to your friends and family.  Kim

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Buzz will be missed dearly. There are no other words for me that express this loss.

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Joined: Nov 2008

My condolences to Buzz's wife, his children and his extended family and friends.   Rest in peace Buzz.  We will miss you so very much.



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Awww buzz how i remember when i first came on you were giving so much to many. Guiding us newbies....another light lost in this world.

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Be at peace. My condolences to Buzz's family and all that loved him.



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Please light the way, dear friend!!!  And say hello to everyone for me!!!


Hugs, Kathi

Posts: 1956
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pulled me out of the quicksand of fear,anxiety,hoplelessness and depression; most lifesaving, he showed me there is life with a stoma....I'll never forget him.

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Here is the link to the obituary in case any want to leave family a message:



Marie who loves kitties

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Nana b
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He was an inspiration to many.   He was always throwing in the rope for the newbies, pulling them up.   

Hang on the that rope Buzz, our friends in heaven are pulling you up!  God speed.   

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So long Clift.   Thanks for all your goodwill that you brought to the board.  Wish we had more times to talk.   We will miss you, Godspeed. 

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That is so sad but I'm glad that he is not suffering anymore.  He tried everything he could to continue on for his family and did bravely.  Was such a wonderful father and such a good Christian man.  May God guide him home to his mansion in the heavens.  We will miss you deeply.  My hope and peace goes out to his loved ones in this trying time. 


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RIP  no more suffering



Posts: 157
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I am sadded to hear of Clift's passing ... he was a gentle man who was soft and supportive to many on this forum. I pray for his loved ones during this difficult time.

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It is What it Is....and the "it" in this case was a man full of humor, straight talk, and a huge caring heart. Thank you for all your help Cliff for when I first came on the Board.

God bless to you and your family.



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