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A few questions

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My mom was just diagnosed with lung cancer and bone mets yesterday. Although I've known for about a month or so that this was probably going to be the case, its real now and I'm taking it pretty hard. I dont really have anyone I feel really comfortable talking to about it .My Mom is in her 40's so this is quite a shock. I'm terrified at what the future holds. She's meeting with her oncologist on Monday for more specifics and a treatment plan, as well as results from other tests but I was curious as to what the common treatment plans are for advanced lung cancer and if anyone could suggest questions she needs to ask her docotor?  Thank you

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there should be caretaker groups available through the hospital where she is having her treatment.  Check with the oncology social worker. Also see if there is a Gilda's club or Cancer Support Community in your area.  This link to LUNGevity will connect to to a mentoring type program. 


This link gives a comprehensive list of questions that you can print out and take with You.  


Please stay in touch and let us know how you are both doing. 


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