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How did you do on Avastin?

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In July 2012 I was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer, which has an identical treatment protocol to ovarian cancer.  I underwent 6 months of chemo on Taxol/carboplatin, then just last week had surgery.  The surgeon reported no visible cancer, but biopsies showed there still were cancerous cells.  So it's recemmended that I go back on Taxol/carboplatin, with Avastin to be added to the chemo mix after a few months.

I'm wondering what other patients have experienced on Avastin.  I've seen the dire warnings on the mfr's site, and also the encouraging news there have been some positive recent results with Avastin for ovarian cancer.  I've also read the newspaper reports about the withdrawal of FDA approval for Avastin for other cancers.

So I'm wondering how others have done on Avastin. I've started to search this forum for Avastin references but haven't found much detail yet. Would appreciate hearing about your Avastin experience. THANKS!


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I had avaistain with my first line chemo ( 5 out of the 6 along with carbo/taxol).  I achieved remission.  My dr. at that time planned to keep me on avaistan as maintenance for one year.  However, I recurred after about 7 months.  The worst side effect for me was body aches.  Also, I had some nose bleeds.  But overall, it really wasn't too bad.  Best wishes to you.



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I asked my Onc about going on Avaistan. He told me that all the information on the clincial trials is not back yet and there is not concreate proof that it works.

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If you're interested in revisiting Avastin, trials are further along in Europe and some of the results have been released. I was doing some research recently and came across this article, http://www.mnn.com/health/fitness-well-being/stories/avastin-chemotherapy-boosts-ovarian-cancer-survival-time, which gives a brief overview but, perhaps more importantly mentions some key players. I saw your post and thought maybe it would help with formulating questions if you decide to ask about it again. My gyn-onc suggested an Avastin trial (Phase III, I believe) for me but it turned out I was ineligible; she seems to thing pretty highly of the drug, at least in tandem with the standard of care (carbo-taxol).

I hope this helps some. I know how tricky ... and frustrating ... it can be to figure out what next steps to take. I'm nearing the end of my treatment and am trying not to get ahead of myself about what's next, especially since I won't have a scan to know what's what until after I'm done. :-) All the best to you, and to all of us here! D.

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Thanks for the link to this story.  I'm getting more used to the idea of Avastin, tho I remain a little concerned about all the side effects I hear about.  I've been lucky so far--few side effects from my Taxol/Carbo--so maybe my good fortune will continue!  Thanks again.

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Mostly Carbo/Taxol. Got me to two remissions..stay strong...vVal 

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Thanks to everyone who has replied with info.  I still have to discuss with the oncologist, but I'm pretty much decided that if all he says confirms proceeding with Avastin, I will.  

Thanks again!

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I have uterine papillary serous carcinoma which is more like ovarian cancer than uterine cancer so I am responding to your question. Just call me the queen of avastin!

I have been getting avastin every three weeks since November 2010!! At first I got it together with chemo drugs and then alone as maintenance up to and  including

the present. I'm on a clinical trial at Sloan in NYC and was diagnosed there after surgery in September 2010 with a stage 4B grade 3  cancer. Is it the avastin that has

kept me NED against great odds?  My onc says he just doesn't know.  I've learned natural remedies for the side effects that have come up along the way - raw apple cider

vinegar for rising blood pressure, arrowroot powder and carob powder for severe diarrhea , exercise for muscle aches, no nose bleeds. All in all, avastin has allowed me to live an active normal life- totally un like the months of chemo!!!   Any questions? Just ask.  I should mention that I follow a  very strict anti-cancer diet.

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So glad to hear about your good results on Avastin! Thanks, and I can only hope for the same.  Best wishes.

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I have been on Avastin twice now ands the side effects have not been bad ,runny nose , bloody nose, a rise in blood pressure ,and the worst was body aches and pains but only the first time the second time I was on it  that was not a problem. Good luck !


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I am new to the board, and so happy to have found all you lovely ladies.  I was also diagnosed with primary peritoneal stage 3c in April 2012. I went through surgery with debulking 6 days after 

my diagnoses. Then underwent 6 rounds of Taxol/Carboplatin, and 4 rounds of IP Cisplatin along with IV Taxol. I finished by chemo treatments during the middle of November 2012.  I started on

Avastin as a maintennce treatment last December. I go every 3 weeks for my treatments. I have not had any side effects. I will be on the Avastin for a total of 9 months. I hope this

information will help you.



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Thanks, everyone, for your input on Avastin. Had my first infusion of Avastin almost 3 weeks ago, with no discernible bad side effects. Same old nasties from Taxol/Carboplatin--some neuropathy in my feet; hair will be gone soon. Next infusion is next Tues., but after 3 more doses of Taxol/Carbo each 3 weeks, it'll be Avastin only until the end of the year--at least that's the plan at this point. Wouldn't you know it--I get to go bald to a big family wedding and a big class reunion, both in June.

Had a very bad time over Easter weekend with eye symptoms. First thing I thought of was whether Avastin was causing them. But early Mon., my oncologist said no, "They shoot Avastin into people's eyeballs for macular degeneration, so I don't think that's the problem." Turned out I had iritis, with potential serious cornea damage and even blindness, but it was only peripherally related to my PPC. When I was diagnosed last July, I had to stop the biologic Remicade for my rheumatoid arthritis because it does not mix with cancer drugs.  But chemo is supposed to suppress RA symptoms, which for me it mostly had. It turns out that people with autoimmune diseases including RA are at special risk for iritis, which I had never learned in my 40+ years of treatment for RA by at least half a dozen rheumatologists. So--just in case you know anyone with both an autoimmune disease and cancer--tell them to watch out for iritis!

Thanks again for all your comments! I'll continue to blog about my progress at CaringBridge.org/visit/CaroleSeaton

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I had it a couple times and all the conditions it could be associated with and had to be ruled out were enough to scare the pants off you.  I haven't had a recurrence in 15 years

Connie, from the uterine board

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