Stem cell therapy

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Does anyone know anything about stem cell therapy for colorectal cancer?


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    Haven't heard that it is
    Haven't heard that it is being used for crc. I've been around a lot of stem cell recipients where I stay in NYC when I had gone for treatments there.
    Unfortunately, no colorectal patients.
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    good question vickilg

    dear vicki and all,

    this is the question all with NED status should be interested in, in my opinion. its occupying a considerable amount of my research time.

    those of us with manifest disease well that should be your strategic goal, but then when i think about it the stem cell targetting supplements are not mutually exclusive.

    ultimately its the extra mets that cause us so much trouble, at least attempting to address these issues is a noble goal.

    as I understand it the main risk to our on going survival is cancer stem cells, these are very difficult to treat and kill from my research and discussions.

    the main reason is they are dormant, they don't multiply so are left untouched by chemo based therapies. except not the synergy between metformin and breast cancer chemo, se the study on blog.

    Besides killing existing manifest disease using immunotherapy, I know have the challenge of lowering circulating tumours cells, a proportion of these are stem like tumour cells.

    Ironically I am falling back onto some of my favourite old supplements mcp and sfn. And now also metformin. these three products possibly address the stem cell risk in a few complementary ways. 

    mcp is supposed to make it difficult for the tumour cells to take root.

    its my guess that potentially these stem cells still express ecamp receptors, they are therefore a candidate for trifunctional antibodies like removab etc etc, also ndv could potentially infect stem cell making them visible to the immune system via an suitably activated immune system. As I am doing all these therapies and over the next few months I will know if I have been effective and blessed to have reduced my circulating tumour cell count, and by implication some of my tumour stem cells.

    the overriding strategy after reducing the circulating tumour cells, is to then have a fully activated immune system capable of taking out any new tumours. firstly having regular tests for the earliest signs of recurrant maligancy to the level of just a few cells, would be the signal to restart immunotherapy based therapies that are cytotoxic in nature.