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Dick skied in Italy!!

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I hope to encourage you that 4 years into treatment and nearly 100 chemo treatments Dick made a fabulous trip to Italy with his best friend.  Our friend's daughter was in the World Cup for ski jumping in the Italian Alps and Dick and his buddy went to see her compete.  Dick had chemo on Wednesday and left Friday morning.  They took it easy on the travel and arrived in Italy on Monday.  On Wednesday, they went skiing and it was a beautiful day!  At first I was thinking, "Does he really want to ski in another country while actively fighting cancer?"  Then I thought, "Heck yah!"  He had a great trip and managed his side effects pretty well.

I hope that encourages some of you new folks and also some of you who have been in this for years too. 

Thinking of all of you.



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Awesome! Glad he was able to have that experience. It is very encouraging!

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you just cannot keep that boy of your down Kathleen.....what wonderful news....that must have been awsome to ski in Italy.....very beautiful......Well doneDick


love, mags

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It does encourage me.  I'm only on treatment three (four was canelled because of low low WBC), I'm not liking the chemo side-effects, but the side effects from the shots of Neupogen are awful. 

I'm obviously a whimp. 

I'm glad to hear your husband has had such fun, and I hope he has many, many more great outdoor experiences. 

Thank you for posting, I am encouraged to get on with life inspite of the pain.

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Fun!!!   Great for him he's enjoying life !!!      I recently took a vacation (not as exotic as skiing in Italy) ..... came home with cold so chemo. had to be delayed till I'm over this.  

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Bet Dick appreciated the experience more than most.  Skiing in Italy - awesome!

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that is great news im glad he feelin good



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Hi Kathleen

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news. I've been wondering about Dick. I don't think Steve will be skiing any time soon. I'd be happy if he started walking again. Long story. But knowing that Dick has skied in Italy, considering all he's been through, does give me hope. Wishing you both the very best of health.


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All I can say is that is soooooo aaaawwwweeesssoooommmmme!!!!  keep on keepin on!! Laughing

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This is great, Kathleen. He is a man of many talents. Does he get all this balance from surfing? I'd probably end up upside down in the snow.

I'll bet this climate was a real "stranger" to him. So glad he was able to enjoy himself.



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Congrats to Dick! It's a big deal.


Lotsa love Leslie

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That is the way to do it.  I'm so happy Dick was able to make such a big trip. Pray another trip is around the corner.  Jeff

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I just read Dick your responses and he is smiling from ear to ear.  Yes, the climate change was pretty dramatic.  It was harder on his rash being in the cold but he did manage the rash with lotion.  He had a fabulous time.Take care!Aloha,


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YAY!!!  What fun!  I always knew that Dick was one tuff cookie!  :) 



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Wow, nothing can keep that boy down. 


Wishing you the best - Tina

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I really admire people who fight to keep the good things in life going, despite all of the challenges the beast throws in the path.  Good for him!  AA

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I'm so glad that he is continuing to be active.  With all that he does he always amazes me.


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thats great.you keep on going Dick you are such an inspiration so glad you are able to enjoy different things...Godbless...johnnybegood

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It is so encouraging to hear this!  I often wonder how Dick is doing and I'm so glad to hear he's travelling and enjoying life.!!Smile

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its funny i have had my cross country skis in the car for a week and i have not used them.

today is the day, dick is inspirational.



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Just going to Italy is awesome! Glad he had a good time. Of course living in Hawaii is awesome too!

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FABULOUS news!!!!


I'm so glad he is thumbing his nose at cancer, and living life LARGE!!!!!


(Although, he is even MORE my hero....I would be frightened to ski at this 'old lady' point in my life....end up in an Italian hospital, eating beautiful pasta, gaining 100 pounds....*grin*....and drinking cappuchino every day....hummm, maybe not so bad after all!)


Hugs, Kathi

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Life goes on....sometimes in the most beautiful ways!



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