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An Extra Prayer---UPDATE

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Hello All,

Sure hope you guys don't run out of prayers and good vibes. I seem to always be asking for them.

We met with Surgical Onc today. Tomorrow, hubby will be have fourteen teeth removed, chemo port put in, and feeding tube. He will be kept in the hospital, at least overnight.

Home Health will come out to help  with port and feeding tube until I get it figured out. Those are not yet my field of expertise.

Physical condition permittting, first chemo will be on Thurs. followed by catheter removal on Friday.

Just very frightened for him in his physical and mental state.




Thanks Everyone,

All your love, prayers, and well wishes have worked again! Hubby came through the surgery okay. Actually had 2 Anesthesiologists(maybe that is normal). Whoopee, we saved a tooth. LOL  Have to have something to laugh about. Doc only cut out 13 instead of 14. His poor face is so swollen and gums full of stitches. Haven't got a look at the port or G-tube yet. He slept all day(a good thing). He managed to get the words out "Get something for pain"  with his mouth stuffed with cotton and took two sips of water after the cotton was removed. Otherwise he's been out of it. So I came home at 9:00. Going back in the morning as soon as I pick up a rental car. I need a vehicle he doesn't have to climb up into. Doc was going to arrange transport home, but I'll need the car for the numerous upcoming events. Heck, it's only money.

I'll check back in when I know where this is going.



Brenda Bricco
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I will say some prayers for you both Wolfen.

The port is really easy, they will give you written instructions that you can follow step by step until you get comfortable disconnecting.

GOD's blessings.


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There is an endless supply of prayers available to all in need.  I know that hubby is facing much in a short time, but praying he does well and that the chemo does a good job.

Glad to hear that you are getting some support from Home Health.  Make sure to tell his doc if you need more than currently scheduled.

Our arms reach out to hold you and hug you as you wade through this.


Marie who loves kitties

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My prayers continue for your family. I am praying for strength for you my friend.  Make sure you take some time to breathe.




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You have so much to deal with, I don't know how you manage but I will for sure pray for you and your husband.  Healing for your husband and strength, endurance for you.  Smile

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Dear Wolfen, I'm so sorry that you're husband is going through so many procedures, and all at the same time no less.  The poor man...but I'm glad that he has such a loving and caring spouse by his side.  Sending good thoughts you're way.

Take care dear,


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Never feel guilty asking for prayers. Those who believe are more than happy to pray for you, your husband and your daughter. 

Those who may not be believers are more than happy to send the good vibes, the best wishes, the heartfelt love and support that we all know you need. 

You and your husband have my faith and prayers.

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...but still got HUGS!


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You got it Wolfen - hang in there!

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you know im sending prayers via internet with the ones i already spoke to with God.just remember im scared right along beside you...Love and Godbless...johnnybegood

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Prayers coming for you!

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It sounds like hubby is going through a lot over the next several days. Will pray he can handle everything. He is so lucky to have you there to be is rock. Take care of yourself.  Jeff

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You two are always in our thoughts and prayers. We hope that your health concerns will ease.


Best Always, mike

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I'll light a candle at church for you and family as well and will hold you in the light.



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And high hopes and prayers for all of you at this trying time - prayers that it will all go smoothly. Your poor hubby - my heart just goes out to him. And it has to be so scary for you too. This will probably be one of those times in your life you will look back on and wonder how in the world you got through it all. But you will. So glad to hear from JBG that she is doing well with her recovery and hoping for the same thing for your husband.


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Hang in there Wolfen. One day at a time. Wishing you and your hubby's the very best.


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I noticed when I updated the original post, it doesn't move it up, so here's an UP.



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Wolfen,Good to see your update.  Good news about saving a tooth too.  I'm glad that your husband was able to communicate that he needed something for pain. 

You all will stay in my prayers.



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