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Please read: take your oral meds carefully and one at a time

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Very rough day at work yesterday.  One of my nurses, Sue, while laughing and talking during lunch, downed 4 pills at once.  She aspirated one.  It was frightening.  She could talk but couldn't quit coughing.  She was sweating and grey. She could still talk and breathe, but was in terrible pain.  Being a nurse, we practically had to put a gun to her head to get her to the ER (nurses are the absolute worse).

She was immediately intubated (put on vent) and scoped.  Pill was very corrosive and she has a chemical burn in her lung.  Out of ICU this AM, but still hospitalized.

Sue wanted me to share and warn you all to not clown around when taking meds!

My physician says it is best to take pills one at a time and to try and wait at least a few minutes between pills.  Your small intestine has only so many receptor sites for absorption, so, if you bolt many down at once, you might just be pooping out a lot of medicine instead of it getting absorbed into your bloodstream.

I have been guilty of this myself, but, after yesterday, I vow to do better!!!!  I am so happy Sue is better this morning!!!!

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I too am bad about taking all my pills at once if I can get them down.  I always swallow my Xeloda pills that way because I just want to get it over with.  I will start taking them one at a time and I'm so glad your friend is doing better. 



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Christmas Girl
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So scary! Glad your friend will be OK. Very, very good advice here. Thanks.

Kind regards, Susan

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I never even thought about something like that happening...I didn't know it was possible.  And I am also bad about taking 3-4 at a time.  It sounds like Sue had a very scary experience...and I will heed her warning.  Thank you for sharing it.  So glad she is getting better.



p.s.  I thought doctors were supposed to be the worst?


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Let's just say ALL healthcare professionals are lousy patients...lol!  The docs are work with are no better. Wink

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Thank you for the warning. I am an offender!   I have so many prescriptions that  I do take them in lots of 6 or 10 (if small like Methotrexate) or bigger as in Gabapentin.  I often wondered if they knew where they were going and what they were suppose to do.

I also take my blood pressure (different types) together.  Gosh I hate taking all that time to swallow all those pills I have.  However, an incident like you describe is not one I seek.  I have enough problems on my plate.

Thanks for the information, I for one, do really, really appreciate it.  



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