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We got some promising news today....

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I posted earlier that Jason's surgery didn't go well yesterday, the tumor was even larger than the surgeon thought & he didn't feel it would be safe to try & remove it at this time due to the proximity the tumor is to major vessels, arteries, etc. So, there was mention of doing chemo. Well, we got a visit from one of the Oncologists who will be in charge of his case & he said that in a couple of weeks after the incision has had time to heal some, they will start him on chemo. Now for the promising news....he said that the kind of chemo they will use (I don't know what it is, but I will ask before they start it) has a success rate of 80-85%! I felt like saying "Alright! Stop right there! I don't wanna hear anything else!" but of course I didn't. That is the first bit of good news we've had so I just wanted to savor that moment. Well, I'm sitting here in Jason's hospital room, only about half awake, neither of us got much sleep at all last night, so I'm gonna call it a night. I just wanted to share the good news. Take care & God Bless, Kris

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 Hang in there, dearest...and keep us updated...sleep well!

(BTW, My chemo was actually 100% effective, paired with the radiation....it DOES happen!)


HUGS, Kathi

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I hope both of you are asleep by this time. I just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you & Jason. At last, some hopeful news for you guys. Getting a treament plan set up is a big relief, in itself. Whatever the plan is, I'm sure many here will have lots of good info. for you.

Take Care,



Brenda Bricco
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Ah Kris, I am so happy for some good news for you. I hope you can get some rest and tell Jason he has us pulling for him. Hang in there!


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Sounds like standard chemo. The responce rates are typically high. I was told 90% responce rate to Folfox. What success usually means is that the cancer responds to treatment. The amount that the tumour load is reduced by is individual, but I think the average is about 53% from memory, but I could be wrong. Its not a cure in itself, but chemo can reduce the tumour enough to be eligible for surgery.

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Get Jason through that chemo, then on to surgery, then back to good health!  Hope you're both getting some much-needed rest today.  Hugs! AA

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Every ounce of good news is reason to celebrate. 

I hope his recovery is going well now that he is two days out of surgery. Was it laparascopic? 

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The surgery was open, from his navel up to about his breastbone....it's such a shame he has to suffer such pain without gaining anything, but at least now we know what we're dealing with & apparently the tumor is enormous. But, hopefully it will be no match for the chemo!....Thanks for caring, it means so much to us both. Take care, Kris

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I hope you didn't think my question about the laparocopy surgery was thoughtless. I knew Jason's tumour was big, so I should have guessed they'd not bother with the lap surgery.

I had a large tumour, though no where near as large as a football. They did the laparoscopy incisions first, then when it was obvious nothing was getting removed out of the small incisions, they opened me up from the belly button down to the pubic line. 

Healing from the surgery for a healthy and young man like your husband, should be quite rapid. Along with a good diet, and the fairth, prayers, good vibes of those who love him along with so many people, we will pray for his quick healing and then you can get on with the process of shrinking that sucker. 

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Let's hope the chemo helps reduce the tumor for eventual surgery.  Hope you both get some much-needed rest. 

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Wow.  I didn't realize the response rate was so high. That is fantastic news. Take each bit of good news you can and focus on that. 

All the best. 

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so glad he can do chemo!


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I realize that things must seem quite dismal right now. You guys have had a lot thrown at you over the past few weeks. It's a lot to process. Jason's situation sounds quite dire right now, but things can turn around very quickly. So may stage 4 people here have gotten really bad news and have gone on to live many years. Try not to think ahead. Take it as it comes and try and enjoy each day. It's all any of us have.


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Hope he is feeling better   after this surgery .... small steps.    Chemo. plan to shrink things sounds good.    Remember there are lots of experienced folks on here that  can help you with your chemo. questions, don't hesitate to ask,  we are all here holding  your hand and sending virtual hugs Smile   

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