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Newly diagnosed - looking for treatment center in Phoenix - any suggestions?

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Newly diagnosed - looking for treatment center in Phoenix - any suggestions?

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It appears the nearest National Cancer Institute (NCI) certified cancer center is in Tucson, Arizona at University of Arizona. Here is a high level overview of their services:



The person you may want to start with there is Dr. Thomas D. Brown, Here is a link to his backgroound:



Of course the nearest cancer center nationally recognized in the treatment of esophageal cancer specifically would probably be MD Anderson in Huston, Texas. Here is a link:


 Let us know the specifics of your diagnosis and we can provide more specific suggestions.

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Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale may have some experience in esophagael cancer.  Many people on this site have been treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN so I would expect the one in AZ has some experienced EC surgeons.


Best of luck in your search.



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Gary, I'm so sorry to heard of your diagnosis. My hubby was diagnosed 3/12 with Stage 2 esophageal cancer and scheduled for surgery in 5/12. It was during surgery that we learned that the cancer was also in his stomach. Immediately he was staged as Staged 3b. The surgery continued, then removing his entire stomach, pulling up the small intestines to what was left of the esophagus. He was released from hospital after 10 days. He had no complications from surgery. Absolutely none so far!  Still the surgery was very complex, complicated and nothing to take lighly. My husband was 60 years with no other medical problems other than Gerd for the previous 20 years. Non smoker, light drinker, healthy weight, physically active if golfing daily counts. Last week was his first cat scan post surgery, 30 sessions of radiation and 8  weeks of chemo and the results were no evidence of cancer.  Truly the treatment was harder on him that the open surgical procedure.  Now even with the present joyous outcome of no cancer, he is still along way from a good quality of health. He has lost about 80 pounds since surgery because he can barely eat and drink due to swallowing, capacity and digestive problems. He still depends heavily a jtube for most of nutrition.  He tires easily and is not strong. He has NEVER complained and has the brightest and optimism on life! (But I'm still scared.)  Last week he golfed with his buddies three days, one day shooting 68!    He still has reflux, has aquired the worst gas and belching. Yep we keep the windows opened; another benefit to living in Phoenix!  

Gary, many on this board will share with you very valuable information.  As you likely know, how your are staged will determine your treatments. Also, your insurance, and or, your financial ability often determine your medical resources. We are so please with Ross M. Bremner, MD, PhD, is surgical director of the Center for Thoracic Disease and chief of thoracic surgery in Phoenix.  602.406.3000.  He and his team are awesome with a strong culture of kindness and respect.   I wish you the best and if I can share anymore with you let me know.  Please keep the faith. 



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My 55yo father was dx with stage 3 EC 9/2012.  He has completed chemo/radiation, 6 1/2weeks.  My father unfortantly was allergic to the j-tube and it had to be removed. The only nutrition he gets is what he eats/drinks which isn't very much.  We LOVE Dr. Micheal Smith, we were originally referred to Dr. Bremner but we didn't want to wait in the beginning to see him, so we chose Dr. Smith.  Acutally, Dr. Bremner reviewed by father's notes from the referring doctors and said Dr. Smith.  I'm happy we chose him.  Unfortantly Dr. Smith say's my father isn't a canidate for the surgery, but has reassured us many of times he will do anything he can to keep my father around.  His bed side manner is so comforting, patient and truely sincere.  Matter of fact our radiation oncologist tells us the he calls her on a weekly basis asking how my father is. She hadn't worked with him before meeting my father. Everytime we see her she tells us how wonderful she thinks he is.  Also, our radiation oncologist is phenomenal.  I highly reccommend her also. I've worked in the medical field for 15years, and both of the doctors and their staff are top notch.


Dr. V. Shukla  # 623-512-4400 (offices in Glendale and Chandler I believe) You can tell her Justina sent you :). 

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