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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post an update.  I think that those behind me in the treatments stage might appreciate the information.  We all experience this journey differently but here is the latest with me.

I finished my radiaiton and chemo treatments (for tonsil cancer on left side and lymph node on same side) on Dec 19th. 

I was approved to have the feeding tube removed today.  I used the tube for about a week right at the end of my treatments.  Otherwise, I have been getting most of my calories in with smoothies and Boost Plus.  I can eat most soft foods now as long as I take in lots of water while I am eating.  My taste buds are not normal but most things no longer taste horrible.  The biggest issue for me right now is that I have no appetite.  I must force myself to get those calories in.  I have lost about 40 lbs since this all started in late October.  I was overweight so the loss so far has beek ok.  I would like to get to the point where I stop losing so much so quickly.

The removal of the tube was not that bad.  The doctor pulled it out and it felt like a rubber band snap for a few minutes and that was it.  They put a bandage on the area and sent me on my way.  I drove myself to and from the appointment. 

I am waiting for my 1st PET scan to determin if the treatments were effective.  I am on pins and needles about this.  I sure hope to report a NED status once the scan is ran.  Thanks for listening! 

I really appreciate all of the information that I have read from your postings!! 


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Way to go!  Keep healing, keep hydrating and keep eating, it all gets better.  I look forward to your clean scan.





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The toughest part can be put behind you now. Hope you continue to improve. My loved one just had his PEG removed last week and was so relieved to have that thing out. He said the nurse had a bit of a challenge trying to pull his out...she had to brace her foot against the wall to give him a few big tugs. He said the first time she flew back into the wall and did not have anything in her hand and he knew the next time she was going to put much more into her second tug...but, it was out with a quick pop!...LOL.

We, too, will be waiting patiently for the PET scan at the end of the month. I pray we ALL get NED's and get to keep them a lifetime.

God Bless,


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It sounds like you are doing pretty darn good....after all the treatment for HNC is second only to bone marrow treatment according to my Onc....and you're getting those improvements....that we all hope for in the weeks once treatment is over.  Isn't getting the tube removed just the most freeing thing?  Getting that gone, and being able to dress without having to tuck it in somewhere made me want to dress up and go somewhere...LOL.

Put the worrying off about the PET scan off till the week before it happens....no sense in worrying for a couple of months when you can get it all done in a week.... Laughing  Besides....worrying burns up calories....it truly does. 

Love hearing a good report.....


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D Lewis
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Welcome to the 'second bellybutton' club Joanie!



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glad to hear Joanie.


hye p - what is the comment about hnc and bone marrow treatment 1 and 2?? most favorite?

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