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Jerry's February '13 Update

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So here it is February 6th, and what's new?   Not much, really except I fell back the middle of December, and the shoulder pain was just getting worse.  Not cancer related though, I just did some some damage.  Got a steroid shot last week, and it helps somewhat.  Also, started visiting a chiropractor because I had hip pain, again to determined to be not cancer related...  just out of place.  On my first visit, he put put me on the "drop table" and wham...  Several times.  And the pain was cut in half.  Amazing!

So, I'm sort of freaking out the oncologist because I ain't dead yet.  I figure this is because none of my metastases have been to vital organs, mostly just subcutaneous.  Ugly, and occasionally painful, but certainly surviveable.  As to the stent, we've sort of reached a compromise only I keep losing weight.  I'm down to 187 lbs.  Were I healthy, this would be cause for rejoicing.  but as an EC victim, not so good, eh?  My biggest problem is vomiting.  It passes the stent, makes it into the stomach, where it sits for 3 or 4 hours, and then, whooops...

Still, my wife and I go into town for lunch or dinner almost every day.  Soup or chili, or something that'll pass through the stent.  But I'm out of the house, and that helps.

Love to you all, and that's the news from Lake Mosesbegone...


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 Nice to see your post, I was wondering how things were going. I am glad to hear you continue to confuse your oncologist. Just goes to prove what we have said for some time “everybody is a statistic of one”.

 I understand where you are coming from with the various aches and pains. One of the challenges I have as a “senior citizen” is that it seems like every time I slip or exert myself a new pain arrives. Sometimes when I get up in the morning a new pain arrives for no apparent reason. Of course, as cancer survivors the question that always comes to mind is “cancer???”

Now my approach is if it doesn’t go away in a week I will pay attention to it, otherwise I try to ignore it and just move on. When I see my oncologist I tell him, yes I have some new pains but it think they are mainly “geezer pain”

Wishing you all good days in the future.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

DX 10/2009 T2N1M0  Stage IIB - Ivor Lewis Surgery  12/3/2009 - Post Surgery Chemotherapy 2/2009 – 6/2009

Cisplatin, Epirubicin, 5 FU - Three Year Survivor 

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Always good to hear from you Jerry.  Very nice you and your wife are getting out and about everyday.  I agree with Paul on oncologist....keep them guessing. 

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I like Pauls comment about being a statistic of one.  Glad you continue the fight and continue to inspire the rest of us out here. 

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Nice to hear from you. I am considering going to a chiropractor regarding some non-cancer related back pain.  (geezer pain?). I dont really know but funny none the less. 187lbs is not to bad for weight. I bounced from 230 down to 165 and am hanging at about 190 now. Losing weight from where you are currently at is probably something you should deal with one way or the other. It is just so good to hear from you!


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I too have been having some non cancer back pains that really bothers me at times.  Physical Therapy Evaluation done Wed told me that my Core is still weak from my surgery and that my back is trying to compensate for it causing the back pain.  THey plan to strengthen my core which should help the back.  I really thought about the Chiropractor route so anxious to know how that works for you.

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Not sure how often you are able to get on here, but just had to reply to your post here.


First, it is good to hear you are still with us and are still keeping your spirits up.


My brother did the same, he never wanted anyone to see him down so he always talked upbeat to everyone and gave them what "they" wanted to hear. So then everyone would walk away and feel relieved somewhat thinking how strong Jr. (my brother) is.

But I was able to talk with him at the last weeks of his life and i am so humbly thankful that he was able to confide in me his true feelings.

He told me just what I knew, that he put on a front for everyone, laughing with them, talking normal in their conversations with him when inside he was afraid and in the battle of his life.


He told me not one understood, not even his wife.


But there is ONE who undestood it all and that is God.


Only Junior and God fully knew what he was feeling and going through.


Caregivers have it rough, and even though Junior's wife was there every step of the way and had to endure watching her husband go through this nightmare, and suffering right along with him,  she could only see the ouside of it all, she could only imagine what he was feeling, but she could not know the full extent of it all because it was happening to his body, he was the one feeling the pain, he was the one who could not swallow, he was the one who could not eat, he was the one who knew the constant thoughts of his own death. No other person could ever fully know what he felt but God.


I said all of that to just say how much my heart goes out to you, fighting something so horrible as this. and even though I can't grasp it all, all that you are facing, God knows.


Keep hold of his hand.


No matter what comes he will never let you go.


My prayers and thoughts are with you.




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Jerry,  Great to hear from you!  I hav not been on for quite a while and was wondering how you were getting along.  I think about you quite a bit.  Glad to hear how you're doing and that you still have your indomiable sence of humor and positive outlook.



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Your continued fight is so courageous.  Thanks for keeping us updated.  BMGky

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Great to hear from you, Jerry!  Just keep on freaking your oncologist out.....  Larry feels much better, also, when we get out of the house for a bit.

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sounds great if the chiropractor can ease that pain and you can keep some food down you will be ok ... Nino is only 160lbs at 5'9" ..

just happy you are able to get out and spend time with your wife...now if you could not fall and injure any thing else :) ...

really hope you start feeling better, maybe the Spring time and warmer weather will do you good...

I know this cold really plays hard with my old bones and we were lucky to go to Hawaii for a week, while there I had no pain cept my arm, now back home everything hurts..

we joke when people ask how Nino is we tell them "heck Nino only has cancer, Carolyn can't walk or use her arm half the time"

think of you often and hope you get to enjoy many more trips to eat out with your wife

EC Fighter Caregiver, Carolyn

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Love that you have your Oncologist confused!  Hope you keep him that way for much time to come :)

Your wonderful outlook and humorous approach to the F'EC battle is always appreciated.  I think of you often.


PROUD wife to Nick, age 49
lost battle to F'EC, June 19, 2012

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Hi Dear Jerry!

So glad I came to CSN to find this post from February. I love to read your messages because they are so inspiring! I'm off to Eastern Europe and will keep you and all the other EC patients and caregivers in my prayers. I will light candles!  Hugs! --Ginny

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