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Here we go again:phony Avastin!!!

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Look at last sentence:amazing!!!!!!!(quality control anywhere/ anymore?)


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The Doctors that use the phony meds, nurses whom use phony meds, the Suppliers whom supply phony meds should all loose their licenses for life. There are control numbers on the vial and package. They also macth each other. I have seen photos of the fakes, they do not have mtching control numbers if they even have the control numbers. Alos the color of the colors of the labels are not even close to the vibrance of the original.  It is nearly  imposible not to know!

Obviously if the Governemnt wants the problem to go away, increase the fines and penealties until the problem goes away.

My two cents,



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Hate to think Americans are going to have to go back to "brass tacks" and request to keep the packaging.  Sort of like getting your old part back at an auto shop.

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Considereing what goes on in a "wealthy","developed",highly "educated" country such as the US in regards to fraud,corruption,greed,etc,one can only imagine what goes on elsewhere...


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