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ureter cancer

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mountain woman
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Wonder if any of you survivors have had ureter cancer?  Just got through a bout with breast cancer and happy to say they got cancer now facing this.  Surgury Feb. 11, 2013.  They will remove my kidney and part of my bladder.  As for as they know from CT scan has not spread but is highgrade.  Anybody had this or g

family member?  Thanks for reply.  



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hi Mountain Woman, I cannot believe there is someone who has had the exact 2 cancers I have had.  I also started with breast cancer..mastectomy in 

January 2009...then, this past  May 2013 was told I had ureter cancer. I also had my kidney, ureter and bladder cuff removed in June 2013. Both my

cancers were also high grade. How are you doing now after the surgery?  Did they want you to have any treatments? 


Best Wishes,


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Hi cosmikit,

I have this ureter cancer too.  Mine was stage 3 with metastasis.  

My surgery was robotic and the recovery was very easy.  I can't have any additional treatments because my remaining kidney can't filter the chemo drugs.  I was offered a clinical trial.

We are amongst the few with this kind of cancer.  

Best to you,


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My name is Matt had same procdure 9-3-15 and still dealing with alot of issues,I'm ok but have been in for about 4-5 cysto's since original surgery

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I too started with breast cancer in 2004; and now facing ureter and bladder cancer (Stage 4) in 2014.

has anyone done genetic testing?



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Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? I was dx with Stage 3C breast cancer in Dec of 2015. 

What symptoms were you all having leading up to your diagnosis? And how did you end up being diagnosed?

For 3 months I have been having extreme fatigue, nausea off and on, bladder problems (frequency, urgency, slow peeing), elevated Creatinine, sporadic lower back pain, left and some right flank pain, and for the past 2.5 weeks bad pelvic pain, especially LLQ. A CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis showed a 2.1 cm ovarian cyst and tortuous (winding) ureters. I saw a gyn onc today who didn't think the pain was gynecological. I have a cystoscopy with my urologist in 2 days.

Please help. I feel like a giant ping pong ball the doctors use me for back and forth to each other.

The NSAIDS are causing health issues (nose bleeding, elevated liver enzymes) and no one wants to prescribe pain meds anymore except the ER last week gave me 15 Percocets. Quite honestly, no pill has helped give any relief, Percocet takes some edge off. The one Morphine shot I got in the ER quelled the pain for a short time. 

Thank you so much. 


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