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Please help!!!

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Hi, I made this account for my mother who is currently fighting cancer once again. Two years ago she was diagnosed with stage 2 uterine lining cancer. She had a hysterectomy done, and then received 3 months of radiation which was d one 5 days a week. Several months later she was complaining of sever back pains, which her doctor told her was just some nerve pains and recommended her to get lidocaine injections. After wasting more months getting injections, she finally asked for a ct-scan.  The day we got the ct-scan results back seemed like the end of the world for me. It was a large mass, pressing on her vena cava and aorta that was causing her pain. After a biopsy was done, we were told it was cancer grade 3c. this was in July 2012, since then she has received taxol/carbo six cycles, and a month of radiation, which has not helped her, the tumor still grows, and as of last week has now spread to her colon, and there is a suspicious spot on her liver. Four doctors at different hospitals all say different things, one say hospice, one says hormone therapy, one says cocktail chemo, and the other says surgery. My mother is not a fighter I feel like I’m fighting for us both, and I need some help in knowing which direction is better for her. She is the only person I have in this world and I don’t want to lose her!!! 

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Hi ig-,  There are a lot of three c cancer survivers here!  I am not one of the three c ladies, but they will be here to help you soon!  What you have is late night, dark-thirty anxiety!  No one wants to lose their loved ones, especially their mother.  Try to calm down and breath!  If you are not getting all the dr. on the same page, either get them all to confer with each other or get another opinon!  Where are you at?  Some of these ladies have been to the best places in the world and will be here to help.  I was treated at M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas.  What type of uterine(linning)cancer does your mom have...UPSC or another.  Also, how old is she and what kind of other health issues does she have?  These questions will help the right person on the board to answer you.  Wishing you all the best, debrajo

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I agree

her age and general health are very important re surgery, as well as whether she agrees to surgery,

since you said she is not a fighter

She could certainly do hormone and or chemo prior to surgery to debulk the tumour

I notice it says Brooklyn on your name

Is Sloan Kettering one of the 4 opinions you have received?


All the best,


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Sloan was the main hosptial where she was being treated, that is the place that said hospice. my mom had never drank or smoked in her life. other then the cancer she has always been healthy. i found out that she cant get hormone treatment because she tested neg for hormones, and you can only get that if you are pos for hormones, but we are trying the cocktail chemo now, this week was her first week of getting it.

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