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Mom recently diagnosed with Stage IV EC

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My mom was recently (late Dember 2012) diagnosed with stage IV EC.  It is squamous cell and has meta to some nearby lymp nodes and her spine.  She has completed 8 of 15 radiation treatments as the docs wanted to start with rad as the tumor in her spine was very close to her spinal cord.  I guess they then want her to wait a few weeks before starting Chemo.  She is a petit 60 year old lady but full of fight.  She is a bit discouraged with her docs in that they are not as optomistic as we would like.  We understand the odds are against her but at this point she is feeling relatively good and wants to fight this hard.  She is having some pain swallowing but seems to be doing ok with soft foods.  She was given lydocane for when the swallowing is painful.  She has changed her diet to be very healty and nutritional in hopes of aiding in her fight.  I guess I don't really have any specific questions but I figured I would share her story and be part of the board.  I welcome comments, suggestions, alternative ideas, thoughts and prayers!  

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Welcome to our group, I am sorry to find us under these difficult circumstances for your Mom. It sounds like your Mom is getting the normal protocol for Stage IV esophageal cancer. It also sounds like your current oncologist has provided a less than optimistic prognosis. It is true that the survival statistics for late stage esophageal cancer are grim but they are just statistics. A survivor’s physical condition and mental outlook have a significant impact on survival. It is important that your Mom find an oncologist that shares her same goals for treatment and survival.

 Let us know what chemotherapy protocol your Mom is going to follow and we can make suggestions on dealing with some of the common side effects .

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

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Sorry you have to be here, but welcome to the board. I don't know much about stage IV, but I do know that despite grim statistics, there are several long-term stage IV survivors.

You and your mother are certainly in my thoughts and prayers.

We also have a FB group, so if you're a member of FB, one of us can friend you and add you to our group.


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I'm sorry you had to seek out this site, but glad you found it. My Dad is Stage IV also. He is using a healthy diet and many other integrative medicine options as well. It's great that your mom wants to fight the Beast despite the statistics. Tell her to remember that she is her own statistic of one. There are a lot of good people here to guide you both along the way!

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