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My new Acronym

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I just received the results of my every six week CT of my neck and chest. Instead of being NED, I am now being called NEMD. No evidence of Metastatic Disease. I am set to have my last treatment of my clinical trial on 1-28 of Carboplatin and Erbitux, and the continue on Erbitux every Monday for as long as it works.I guess since I am only considered treatable or palliative care is why they call me NEMD vs NED??

Hell, I will take anything that starts with "no evidence of" 

Here is to riding the wagon until the wheels fall off!!


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jim and i
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NED sounds good to me, especially if you can handle the side effects of the erbitux. Jim refused further treatment with Erbitux but he is a lot older than you are so it was harder on him. I pray you find a solution for the craked feet and remain NEMD.


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My  4'8" 83 year old mom would stilL bop me in the back of the head for name calling ... But ...NEMD....nananaaaa... NEMD ...yes!!!!! Congrats !!!!!


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i use a product by CND for dry feet and heels; it's a cucumber cream I get it from the place where I get mani/ pedis.





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Errr.... I mean NEMD, LOL...

Congrats brother..., I'm with you, if it starts with NED, it can't all be bad.

Prayers for many many years Captain NEMD.


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Sounds like you got the best news you could expect.  I am glad treatments are working and I hope they do for many years to come. 

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Fantstic news !  NEMB.....love it.  It's amazing the names the medical proffession comes up for us hunh !  But I'm in total agreement anything that starts with no evidence of....we'll embrace with joy !  Way to kick butt Mike !   Katie

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Ingrid K
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Hey Mike

CONGRATS.....finally some great news !!   So glad to hear the "NO" part for sure.

It's about time we had some good news on this site. 

I think we all needed to hear that, so way to go !

And now it's Happy Dance time.

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Here's hoping many more NEMDs to come!

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That's Great News Mike!

Based on what you're saying, you're still being treated for the primary and they're making sure they have it contained. Sounds to me they're saying it hasn't spread past the primary site and that's good news! Keep on keeping on..it's encouraging to read a positive report!


PS... I used to push that kind of weight :) With that bald head from behind we could pass as twins! ~lol~

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My primary was head and neck and after 22 months of NED, it metastasized into my lung and lymph nodes in my mediastinum. I now have 12 weeks of no visible tumors in my chest. You look like you throw around some weight in the gym, like me, did the heavy stuff come to an end after cancer treatment? 



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Wonderful on the lastest scan, Mike!!!.....I'm like everybody else..."No Evidence........" is the perfect start of any acronym around here, and I'm delighted to hear they have given you that label.


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i love the choice of accepting NEMD..... that is wonderful news 


keep fighting the fight and we will continue to be here for you and say our prayers as the evidece has proven prayers are making the difference. 

i know you may not feel like dancing, so maybe you can do a tap dance for NEMD 


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Great news bro’!!!!!

(And John, he can dance.  He says he lifts weights, but I’ve seen him – he gets all his exercise from Zumba and Jazzercise classes.)

Time to hook up for a cup-a-joe, Mike!  Keep those wheels a-rolling





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Either way it sounds like news. Hang in there and keep striving for more NExD reports! Don

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Great news!  Glad to hear good results from treatments.  Keep improving.





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Hey Mike, congratulations on the great news; you go guy, and ride that wagon, ride it like the wind!  HERE'S WISHING YOU CONTINUOUS FINDINGS OF NEMD!!


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Sounds good! You are so deserving of the positive news. I am happy for you and your family. Do something fun to celebrate.



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Such amazing news! I am so happy for you!!
Are you taking anything to combat the erbitux side effects?

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I am taking Minocyclene to try to dry out my acne, but I have gotten staph twice now. I have also been prescribed 5% Benzyole Peroxide body wash, both of which do not work to my satisfaction. The most painfull side effects are the skin cracks and ingrown nail type issues that really hurt, and keep me from going to the gym when they are really bad. I go to see my Oncologist  on Monday and plan to pin him down for some solutions to these issues as having to accept these obstacles will not be acceptable for me going forward. 


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Hi Mike (love4lacrosse), my chemo doc told me last night that when on erbitux the worse the acne the better the treatment is working against the cancer. He said that while the side effects can be bad they also indicate effectiveness of treatment. Perhaps it may sound strange but I was encouraged by this, he also said the side effects would disappear almost immediately once treatment finished. Hope this helps

regards Michael



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AirForce Vet
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Super, super news!!!! keep fighting the good fight.  You are a real fighters!


Kent Cass
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Great to hear this, Mike. Don't post as much as I used to, but check in daily to get updates, and this was great to read.

Had a Dr a long time ago who had an MD in front of his name, and kinda think he shoulda had NEMD:  Never Earned Medical Degree!


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I'm sooo happy for you! This is just wonderful!!! No evidence of... Wonderful start of a sentence!! Just keep on keeping on!

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