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Dear lady, how are you and hubby doing?

I know you have had your plate full.

Prayers for you, hubby and JBG.


Marie who loves kitties

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Send a smoke signal:)

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Thanks so much for asking and Craig, that might work. After all, hubby is one quarter Cherokee LOL

Well, so far I am really pleased with MDA. It appears that every employee has been to "compassion" class and they are very organized and knowledgable.  Yesterday, he had a PET/CT and a separate CT. He was scheduled for bloodwork and appt. with doc today, but that has been changed to the 28th. That will follow the lung biopsy to be done on the 23rd. They have also reserved a chair in the chemo room for him on the 28th in case the doc decides to start chemo then. He does not have a port and so far, one has not been mentioned. The infusion will last for 6 hours and will be Erbitux, in combination with something else, I believe. This seems like a long infusion to me, but maybe no port has something to do with it. Each department is very good about calling beforehand to get and give info. so I'll have a chance to ask about it.

He wants me to hold off on a Urologist appt. as he's afraid they'll want to put him in the hospital and it will mess up the cancer treatments again. His feet and legs are still very swollen.

As for me, I managed to get some stupid infection in my left hand(probably in the hospital), but I got some meds for it in the Emg. room. It doesn't hurt, but is contagious so I'm keeping it bandaged up. The worst part is that I'm burning up and I'm almost never hot, while poor hubby is cold all the time. Go figure!

Talked to JBG and she had a CT on Monday. She is feeling good and sees the doc next week, I believe. I told her I need to write all her tests and appts. on my calendar as well as hubby's. He's had 8 appts. this month and still counting. Thank goodness, I started a notebook with everything in it. Let me tell you, I write down all conversations. I could never keep "who said what" straight, otherwise.

So, I'll update you guys after the 28th unless something exciting happens before then.

Take Care,



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I just have to say, I admire you, all that you're going through and still standing.  You go girl.

Winter Marie

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