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OT:Crazy Weather

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I know this is off topic but here in East TN the weather has been crazy. I have been out of school since Tues. noon. We have had

7-8 inches of rain from Mon. thru Wed. It started raining more today and it has turned to SNOW!!! It seems to be snowing about

an inch an hour. People around here are crazy when driving in this stuff. My hubby is a good driver in this as he grew up in OH. I'm

safely at home and in for the duration. I will admit it is a pretty snow. It is the heavy wet stuff that is great for snowman building and 

snowball fight. Took my grandkids out to play in it and they had a blast. Twins are 3 and brother is 7. Hitting Mamaw with snowballs

is great fun. I don't know who peed in Mother Nature's Cheerio's but I'm ready for summer.



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sounds like fun time...winter wonderland..



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Unlike other parts of my state, we are not smothered in snow.  We have snow, but not a lot.  HOWEVER, the past two days -- and again tomorrow -- our high temperature has been between 10-12º. 

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expected today.  Monday temps 81 degrees, today we are expected to get up to 60 degrees.  a 21 degree swing in temp's.

No snow here, however, we will have plenty of mud, traffic and traffic accidents.  Californian's do not know how to drive in the rain.  This is a FACT!

Lynn Smith
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It's been crazy here.Bitter cold, high winds and sometimes if we're lucky the sun shines bright.Helps with the winter blues.

We had a white out a couple days ago.50 car pileup with a few minor injuries.Also a 80 car pile up which resulted in the death of a 12 yaer old girl.Her family got out of their car and went to what they thought was safe. More Cars lost control and a cable was broken which hit her.She passed with head injuries.Very very sad. 

Forecast for next week will be in the 40's and 50's. At least a couple days.'

Everyone is ready for spring!!!!!

Lynn Smith    

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Where you 'grew up' has nothing to do with how good you can drive in any situation!  I grew up in SW FL and never had to drive in snow til I was 36 in NW WA.  Learned quick becaus I had to - Hubby was deployed and we lived way out of town so it was just another have to figure out - so I did.

I don't believe that it's where you are - there are 'pebbles' everywhere that will drive like maniacs.  Where I live now W SD the pebbles should know how to drive sanely in snow but unfortunately many don't or just won't.  Now we only have 4X4's but for many years only had 2X4's and had no problems.  Hubby had an F250 4X4, I have a Bronco II (my daily driver) and a Dodge 4X4 3/4T for pulling.  When roads are somewhat bad I drive my Dodge because it's bigger/stouter in case someone decides to run into me/it.

Weather here has been different.  There is a stationary front sitting basically over us - it has been fluctuating just a bit back and fort for days now so our temps have fluctuated a lot.  Just realized that since starting tyoping this we have gone up 16 degrees - 8 F to 24F.

Winyan - The Power Within


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Here in central NY, it is bitterly cold. Minus 10 this morning and windy. No clue what the wind chill is, and that's just as well. Local weather guy says it will be 50 degrees warmer by Wednesday. Sheesh! 



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It was -7 this morning at 7:30 when I left for school.  I am one of those teachers who helps hold open the doors at school when the buses discharge their kids.  I have learned how to dress for this and stay warm.

The warmest I saw here for us today was 13. 

It was one of those CNY winter days where to look out the window and see the bright sun, it would appear to not be as cold as it actually is.  But when you see that no ice or snow is melting, even though it IS bright and sunny, you KNOW it is cold.

We are used to this, aren't we, Sue?  That's not to say we love it -- but we are used to this happening.  Sometimes in January/February it can start out at -20 or colder in the morning.  (And to think that I once lived on the Mojave Desert in California and then in the Piedmont region of the Carolinas..., but I chose to stay in CNY.)

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before schools were even In session today they had annoucments of early closing on the way in...EVEN my job is closing at NOON...(special ed school) suppose to be very bad ice..and snow mixed in.. NYS



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