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Bye-bye portie

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My IP port was taken out today. Good riddance to the silly little thing that never worked and only caused pain and frustration.

The surgery took about 5 minutes including cutting, pulling the port out, sutures and chit-chat with the ONC. Then I drove myself home.

Husband is too busy to come with me; working extra hard to support my wig addiction. I ordered 3 more wigs from England yesterday (blonde, brunette with auburn hi-lights and two-tone ombre); they are just too cute to resist.

Also, my CA125 is 6 today; 1 point down from November. Next blood test will be in 3 months.

I asked my ONC about Metformin for recurrence prevention. She refused to prescribe it, said it will cause seizures, and sarkastically called it "another new voodoo out there like shark cartilage and snake oil". Oh well, I will just have to get if from my family doctor. 

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Cool   Glad you had your port out..stay NED!

stay strong...Val 


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Glad to be done
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I told you.  Took longer to prep me then it did to do the surgery.  Lol....  I am glad it all went well.. 

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Green Leaf
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Glad that you are now free (from wearing a portie) and have excellent CA125 number.

Love to see more of your cheering photos (with very cute wigs).


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My IP catheter came out the week before Christmas, after 6 months.  Mine was placed during the debulking surgery,and unlike yours, mine healed up fine.  I'm so glad I had it because I really feel like the IP was the best way to fight this monster disease.  In fact, I didn't want to get rid of it, in case I needed it again.  But the doctor said no more IP, so out it came! It does feel good to be on to the next phase.

I love your new photo with your new hair!

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So glad you're rid of your port and are doing so well!  My Power Port was removed yesterday.  The actual removal only took about ten minutes and I get to remove my bandages/dressing tomorrow.  Like "wholfmeister", I really didn't want it removed yet, in case I needed it again but my oncologist said no more port, so out mine came too!

Take care,


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You go girl!  No port, new wigs, great numbers, what else could a girl want(except more wigs!)!  As for Metformin, I have been on it for years for mild pill-control diabetes with never a seziure or any other side affects!  As for Vodoo or snake oil if it works for one in a million and YOU ARE that one, it's all worth it!  I'd take a lot more than snake oil to get rid of this d@#n cancer!  Best, debrajo

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Joined: Jul 2012

I know, it is BS about Metformin.

My husband has been taking Metformin for borderline diabetis for at least 5 years. The only seizures he is having is when he gets my credit card bill. He is a CPA.

You know what CPAs use for contraception? Their personality...

Check out my ride in "Expressions"

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You are too funny for words!  Glad mine is not a CPA...mine doesn't know about the credit cards I have. I'm putting my son through college with them!...really!  My husband is a carpenter and believe me, his "tools" are NOT his greatest asset!  Keep riding or as we say here in Texas...Cowboy Up!!

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Alexandra about the port and your numbers. 



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  You are so brave I would be terrified to have mine taken out. Not from the actual removal, but I think I am just attached to it in my mind lol. 

  Of course I would like my doctor to suggest taking it out because that would mean she thinks I won't need it in the near future. That hasn't happened yet, maybe after I am done with the course of Avastin I am on .


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