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I've posted several times about the terrible pain I had in my anus and the surgery that fixed it two years ago.  Well, for the past month I've been enduring the same thing all over again, it's even made me go to the Emergency Room a couple of times.  It hasn't got as bad as it was in 2011 yet, but it's getting pretty close.  When I went in for treatment this morning, I took along the surgeons notes from two years ago and had my onc read them.  After that, he got me scheduled to have the surgery again on the 23rd, next Wednesday, to relieve the tension that's making the muscle spasm.  It's gonna be one long and miserable week until then, and I'm expecting it to be a couple of months yet before the pain is gone for good.  But, at least the pain will be much more manageable than it is now.


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    Dear Doc

    Sorry to hear that this procedure is necessary, but glad to know that there is something which can be done to relieve the pain.

    Will this procedure be outpatient, overnight or longer stay at the hospital?

    Praying all goes well and pain is gone much sooner than you think.


    Marie who loves kitties

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    My surgeon gave me a med for those spasms

    It was a cream made from a heart medication, compounded with Cardizem, which I applied 2-3 times day for an anal fissure.  It supposedly helped limit the contractions.  You may want to ask your dr to look into that.  (It does take time to be effective.)

    I know your agony - it's called moaning in fetal position for several hours after each bowel movement.  However, this may be a good approach after surgery, as there's not enough time for it to be effective before.

    Good luck with this,


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    Good luck doc...glad they
    Good luck doc...glad they could fix this problem for you.
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    jen2012 said:

    Good luck doc...glad they
    Good luck doc...glad they could fix this problem for you.

    Good luck with this doc.  it

    Good luck with this doc.  it sounds painful....

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    Gosh I hope you get some relief and maybe a reprieve from pain. My daughter had some kind of muscle spasm last year and we didnt know what was wrong. I goggled it and it was like having a charlie horse in the butt. She was crying in pain, finally went away. Good luck and hopefully pain free.
    Sandy :)