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Zimbabwean Male with GBM 4 seeking contact with others in same situ

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Hi my name is Colin Bristow and I live in Zimbabwe.  In June 2012 I was diagnosed with a stage four GBM.  The tumour was on the right side.  I had the neuro surgery, have completed chemo and radiotherapy.  I am now on cycle five of taking oral chemo.  I am also taking cortisone.  Despite the cortisone I am experiencing vision loss, sensation loss on my left side and disorientation.

I would really appreciate hearing from people who are going through the same treatment so that we can compare notes!  And it would also be great to hear from survivors.


Looking forward to make coms with 'like minded' fighters!

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Otherwise it sounds quite similar. I just finished a survey for Imerman Angels http://Imermanangels.org which provided me with a mentor, i.e., someone with the same disease, who is willing to talk about going through this. That may be an option for you as well as participating with the Cancer Survivor Network.


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Hi, This is Colin's wife bashing the keys.  So you had the same problems as in extremely tired, loss of sensation in the opposite side to the tumour and brain swelling?  I think that the symptoms are directly due to the swelling and that hopefully everything will rtn to normal when the treatments come to an end he gets some time without chemo.  How far are you in your chemo and where do you stand now?

Thank you for your suggestion.  If you are experiencing heartburn at all we have found pure lemon juice combats this as well as helping with the nausea.


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