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Need a recommendation for a juicer

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Hi and hope all is well. I've decided to start juicing and need a recommendation(s) for type of machine, and best buy for the $$'s. don't think I need a commercial food grade model, but not looking for one that will shoit crap quickly.




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The number 1 person I can think of is Patrick (patricke) he has burned up a number of blenders and swears by the vita-mix brand.  I think the vita-mix 5000 or something, says it will liquefy anything.  There are others, but Patrick mixes to  the top.  You could PM him.


He also does everything with a PEG, there is nothing stopping that guy (go Patrick).





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Nothing works quite as well.  Best price when I bought mine was Costco.


Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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The wise and great carnac, suggests checking out the all knowing SuperThread...


There's even talk of some juicer companies offering a discount to people of C...., no not color...cancer.

I'm not sure how good this info on discounts are, but here is one reference;


ANother references a $125 discount with a "medical need"...from your MD.


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Pam M
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Answers vary depending on who you ask.  I've heard that VitaMix is magic, and the HealthMaster is not such a good buy.

I've also heard that masticating juicers ("chew" the food, not shred and spin it like a centrifugal) do less damage to the nutrients.  Centrifugals raise the temp of the food being juiced (fast spinning food or blades create heat), destroying some of the nutrients.

Unfortunately, masticating juicers are right up there with VitaMix when it comes to being totally out of my price range.  I use a Breville Fountain (centrifugal) - not what I'd prefer, but it gets the job done.  It's several years old - I got it when we had some problems getting my mother to eat enough (then didn't use it for years).  I don't do a big variety of juicing - usually just cabbage, carrots, beets, apples and/or cucumber.  My juicer, like most if not all centrifugals, would not do well at processing things like wheat grass. 

Wish I could be of more help - I did some research a couple of years ago, but didn't save the info. 

http://cookingequipment.about.com/od/reviewsrecommendations/f/Masticating-vs-centrifugal-juicer.htm   - just pulled this up on magic Google.  Centrifugals are least expensive, then masticating, then there's a  new type called a slow or upright juicer which is said to be the best and most expensive (generally).

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jim and i
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Vitamix is great but not a juicer. The benefit of juicing is different than a blender in that you want to take out the fibre to get the enzymes. Go to the Juicelady website to learn about benefits of juicing. We have an Omega. There are better ones out there but they are large in size and price. The Omega is not to high priced and it cleans up fairly quickly. Go to their website for good video. I bought ours from Amazon they had the best price.

Hope this helps. Debbie


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I prefer a Vitamix over a traditional juicer (we have both).  The Vitamix is a beast.  You can make soups in it and it spins so fast it will actually heat the soup but it takes a few minutes.  IMO the juicers do not allow you to keep the pulp and skin which has a lot of the nutrients whereas the Vitamix is so efficient it liquifies everything that goes into it.  The company offers a medical discount if you get a simple one sentence statement from a medical provider that it will be of benefit to you on their letterhead.  It was a wonderful when I was suffering from a sore throat and mouth sores, think creamy soups, now we use it several times per week for smoothies (kale, beets, pineapple, apples, spinach, carrots, Saigon cinnamon, raw honey, yogurt and whatever else is around here).  End of commercial.


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My sister gave us a "KRUPS Optifruit" juicer during the summer of 1998.  I had just complete treatment.  My better half has been using it at least once a week by juicing for my daily drink of an apple and a carrot.  She makes enough for five days which we refrigerate in a container.

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You wouldn't believe the things Jennifer has coming out of that thing.  Never ceases to amaze me and it's built like a tank.


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My dad used the bullet. It worked great blended things really good and smooth. It worked quick too.  

Good luck


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I bought the nutrabullet - saw a commercial one night when I was in the midst of battle and ordered it . I think it was in the neighborhood of 100 bucks. Maybe 150. I am also diabetic so juicing is not to good for me. Blending has been working. It was a while before I could drink the blended fruits and veggies. I don't really remember how long it was before I could drink it but it was at least 2 months maybe 6 weeks after treatment

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