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Cea 3.8 and pet scan clear, post 3447 is my most important by far. "HOPE AT LAST"

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https://docs.google.com/file/d/1u1yfZFuumGcHCs0vVBvvMzkPk7S0qSzWLFxRFPnMeveq3pfNwQ9DfPij4_Fr/edit  the german medical report detailed, the english is not great, but the results more than make up.

I am filled with gratitude to everyone who has helped me.

To blake, kerry, rodger, lisa, cheryl and jennie and so many others.  May they all rest peacefully, as we that are left live peacefully.

I have battled my stage 4 recurrence with  lots of therapies and had lots of jokes and ridicule at my attempts.

Well chasing windmills has worked for me and it may work for you. 

I have unbelievable news, my terminal illness per the many oncologists, my incurable illness per the doctors well is not on the pet scan any more based on what i understand.

I will post the scan reports and full images tomorrow.

my cea is 3.8 down from 81 six months ago, the normal level is 2.8 on the test.

if you followed my posts and german therapies well you know what has helped me.

I have called about 40 friends, doctors and supporters tonight and thanked them.

tomorrow is see hipec surgeon 8am and oncologist 12noon.

i got the cea and scan result 5pm today from my alternative doctor who said my result is the best cure he has scene in 20 years. we hug and i kissed on the cheek.

I had dinner with the family tonight. i am investing the remainer of the life insurance and retirement savings in the company whose drug i think was instrumental in helping me beat my colorectal cancer.

I am going back to germany to hopefully work at the clinic while continuing maintenance therapy for the next year. thats my dream. its early days, but i am sharing my results for what they are, like i have previously.

I have climbed my mount everest, well i am a few few steps from the summit. its a grand view from where i am sitting. my wife and kids look great. 

life is absolutley blooody wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

persistence and faith has helped me, I have had so much support here and everywhere.

I know what has worked for me, now as opposed to anecdotal stories on the net that many question, my story is real, speeling and grammar errors as well. 

I have shared it openly day by day, blow by blow.

I have not had hardcore systemic chemo for my stage 4 illness, i have used the best alternative and integrative therapies and I am here to tell you that my incurable illness is looking vulnerable now, not me.

I am not out of the woods completley. But the woods are looking beautiful, the woods i am refering to are the black forest.

I publisher called today, again about my book, what a co-incidence.

I still have to email my german doctors, they don't know the knews.

Goodluck with whatever you try, my blog is a mess, but its pretty honest, its been added to on the spot.

I suspect my immune system has saved me, as well as faith , prayer, love, diet, exercise, yoga, qigong, supplements, accuptuncture, meditiation, sauna, enemas, juicing, eta eta eta.

thanks again for all the help and support, even your silence and challenging responses has helped.

those few who have been truly caring and supportive well, you know who you are and I will always be grateful.

this is the most joyful post, i have ever posted.

I firmly believe I have found a path to cure for myself for this "incurable illness". Of course I have along way to go. but todays results are the most conclusive proof of effectivess of alternative medicine I have found. Alternative as opposed to conventional.

I make no apology for suggesting evidence based medicine may not hold the cure for colorectal cancer, personalised individualised medicine does. It may hold true for other cancers.

My story is real, my name is peter trayhurn. I believe I have found a possible cure for colorectal cancer. Its a complicated path, but its worked for me.

I cannot wait to see what my onc and surgeon say tomorrow about todays the scan and blood results. I will be humble as always and listen to their opinion. After all I am paying for the consult. Now I may not follow their advice, but I will listen and be respectful. they have helped and cared for me as much as my alternative doctors, as much as the german doctors. All of them together have got me to where  I am tonight.

To quote a top class country doctor who I met at the gym while weightlifting

"you are the healthiest person I have ever met with an incurable illness" that was last thursday, 5 days before these magnificent results.

Yes, this is a long road and an evil illness. I am back to germany 4th february to continue therapies and seek opinions re maintenance therapies.

tomorrow between the surgeon and oncologist i am sneaking off to get intravenous vitamin C.

I don't know what component of my excessive regime worked, I don't ever really care. in its synery its worked. I probably was removab and the vaccine and gcmaf. it probably was not the seacumuber smoothies. the sheep brains well who knows.



PS I am off to the sauna to meditate and contemplate gratitude.

If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

PPS my blog


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Nana b
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Awesome news Pete. I was down to 8 CEA AND IT TOOK A JUMP TO 13 on Xeloda.  Hope it's a fluke!    I need to go to Germany with you!  :). 


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That is great news pete, thanks for sharing it here. You have invested so much into your recovery I hope you givyourself some time now to enjoy your results and life itself beforelaunchinginto what ever the next phase looks like.




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some rest, but not for the wicked. the say to good die young, so I will be wicked.

so I got to order a new online molecular test from rgcc online about $2000 now for full ctc tumour profile.

the german onc wanted it prior to my return, this just means having targetted therapies, as soon as you walk in the clinics door rather than waiting 2 weeks.

at about $10,000 a week, getting fast targetted therapies saves big dollars. thats a tip for anyone.

these tests just fell from $4500 a year earlier and now they inlcude lots more data.

I am sharing the joy, I have hundreds of supporters and I have passed on my good news and thanked them.

all thought i was done for...



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he was clinical not inspirational and said he expects my cea to start to rise, he wants to open me up when I get back from germany, do the peritoecomy and do hipec to get any residual tumour and full chemo. He said to get an opinion from the german doctors regarding his advice.

he agreed with oncologist that getting my hernia repaired is trivial and riosky regarding inflamation and a potential disruption to the immune system.

he disagreed with the onc with respect of the cea, the said he thinks it will continue heading down to zero.

so both agreed with my plan to return to germany and get opinions regarding my care based on these unexpectedly good results.

so the underlining message from the surgeon is that i am not out of the woods and that some disease/tumour still exists.

protecting and enhancing my immune system and all that entails is still my top priority so more love, less stress, more exercise, more supplements.

I am going to keep my post germany routine going so I have seen cea drop from 48 on 12dec12 to 3.8 12jan13. this decrease could still be due to persistent removab memory t cell response, chemo embolisation ( lasts 3 months on treated large mets ) and dendritic vaccine ( with snail virus, newcastle virus disease mutated, and apotosis peptide ) response. These are the german therapies from the clinics. I have been doing gcmaf probiotic yogurt known as maf314 and exercise, sauna and qigong. 

When home I have been doing intra muscular injections thymus, artemisin/iron. iv c twice weekly, then supplements and supportitive meds.

I have some thoughts regarding my remarkable, amazing, miraclulous response.

  1. hipec surgeon cea rise concern discounted as all his experience is with chemo crc patients with disabled immune systems. My immune system has not recently been disabled by chemo. my cea decrease has been due to immune system, in tandem with LOCALISED direct injected chemo. this is a huge point of difference, so my local hipec surgeons opinion while appreciated I discount. but will wait and see german medical opinions. but I get the message that I need to nail this disease and not take my eye off the ball. so no media, no distractions until I am NED 12 months. meditation, exercise, medical care in germany will continue as an insurance premium to guarantee no more recurrences. of course this is subject ot change depending on german opinions.
  2. my response is due to my awesome health on arrival at the clinic ie no chemo 18 months. and 10 months of recurrence with no chemo, but lots of natural therapies. the removab therapy is very demanding, so commencing therapy as well as possible is essential. this wellness includes detox status re mercury toxicity, which while not perfect was much improved.
  3. whatever response I have had is due to the capability of my immune system, its clear from the resonse that my tumour load has been visible to my immune system. now this means alot. and has lots of implications. I am worried that a few friends following in my treatment foots steps may not have the same results. my success i susepct is due to some extent due to my health starting therapies. this health reflects genetics, minerals, vitamins, muslce, liver detox capability, etc etc etc. I did the most detailed set of biometric test from metametrix days before leaving fro germany. these will reveal valuable details regarding the secrets of my success. ie lets say peak levels all blood metrics, hormones etc etc etc may contribute to the extent of the result.
  4. the rational here is before commencing removab therapy hallwang and I would not do it anywhere else ( to dangerous and the others don't have clinical experience ) I would achieve as optimum health in all respects my an intensive naturopathic/complementary health regime. 
  5. I am suggesting that trying to emulate my succes by following some key points is worthwhile.
  6. at hallwang clinic I went of all my supplements and except mcp and broccoli sprout powder ( i am emtionally attached to these ) After a few weeks I started map314 gcmaf probiotic yogurt.
  7. With what I know now I would start massive mushroom therapy to boost immune system, but this is contentious between clinics.
  8. my suggestions are just reflections for myself alone, all patients get an individualised program thats essential. heck you may get into remission faster, but I doubt it, my response is the best they have had so far. but maybe you will. so why was my response so good. oh its just luck!!!! well I think not, and I will review my results, all my tests and ponder any insights, and share them here.
  9. I have many ask me already about what I have done in detail. I have decided not to summarise, I say look up my blog, lookup my posts and you'll see how impossible it is for me to get into my clinical details. I think its kind of tempting fate, we all deserve to be treated on our merits. nothing that I did prior to germany cuased the success I had with respect of cea falls, but it helped me be ready for the therapies.
  10. I have the greatest appreciation for my oncologist doctor asir kopic of the hallwang clinic and if you have the financial capacity then I recommend him. I am back to his care of the 4th feb, I am grateful to him.

So the joy has not worn off, it never will, my health success is the greatest achievement of my life. I have friends following in my foot steps and I am praying they have better success. Its their choice, they make freely, I have not recommended any therapy to anyone. Read my blog and posts here. If I had followed my oncologists advice, my surgeons advice I would not have this excellent result and my excellent health. 

I followed my own judgement, my own research in preference to my doctors. Heal thyself or something to that extent, so trust your gut. so doctors, but until you raise the level of your care, the responsibility will always rest with the patient to take responsibility. Having a wide circle of opinions, often many different has ultimately been good for me.

This is just one story, my story. I don't want to cause any of my friends here therapy stress, or to question your treatment. If you already have started on an established chemo program its possible your immune system has been damaged and my results may not be possible. I almost died on removab, I was almost run off the road on the autobarn doing 240 km/hour. so the german therapies have risks, are costly but may benefit some. If this causes anyone any stress I am sorry, but the possibility of helping some achieve longer remissions, maybe even chemo free cures of our "incurable disease" well its worth sharing.

I love you all and hope this helps some, sorry for the speling and grammer. goto take my imi shots, supplements, do my prayers and sleep.

thanks again for all the kind words, all my thousands of hours of posts and research has been worth, even to save one life, my own, just one other is a bonus. my mate pete has already gone to hallwang, we are  doing a talk at the local cancer meditation support group. spreading joy and hope is something I can do, as its good for my soul and prognosis. its a win / win.

lots of love,

heaps of hope

and huge hugs,


ps remember self directed change is the key to healing yourself

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I have been following your entries - so great to heat that you are where you are - I also went from a CEA of 77 to 2.9 in 3 months but it was good old westrn mediine (camptosar and erbitux) plus IP -6 that has gotten me here - I will follow up to check on the German method you talk about - so happy for you

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Hi colonclub friends,

sorry i don't come here to often, but we got so much in common and way too many common friends some here and some departed.
so i have tried a good proportion of fede excellent words. I have some excellent news to share. If it does not give you a smile will I'll be.

my recurrence started about 14 months ago around 21nov2011 with a cea of 5.9, it climbed slowly and consistently to 81 17sept2012 when my third pet 7sep2012 finally showed peritoneal disease, liver disease and lung disease. so from NED to the works and an offer of palliative chemo. yuk!

my life insurance paid out in 7 days, i immediately went to hallwangen clinic and did removab, infusions ( lots 12 hours most days, 7 days a week for 2 months ) i also did 3 chemo embolisations with professor vogel of peritoneal , then liver mets, then lymph nodes and liver. using irenotecan, mitomycin and avastin as the occulysing agent. to top this off i did a dentritic cell vaccine using a new colorectal peptide to trigger apoptosis with newcastle virus disease. along the way i used gcmaf map314 probiotic yogurt. i am making a batch right now. i have meditated, sauna'd, exercised, detoxed, prayed, discussed, colluded and smiled.

my recent scan is considered ned by onc, but the surgeon is worried about one 1 cm spot with an suv1.1 thats been stable 6 months they consider it is treated disease. my cea came in at 3.8.

this is a personal miracle, an achievement and therapy success i am proud of. I have had so much support medically, emotionally etc etc etc. i have thanked everyone in the last few days, especially my god. life is grand and my faith in all that i have tried and my 3500 post on the cancer survivors network regarding non conventional therapies and the research and time behind each of them well has been rewarded by my miracle.

I am back to germany 4th feb for as long as it takes to get my platinum ( I hate my folfox 12 full cycles ), mercury detoxed. to boost my immune system, to continue monthly vaccinations until i am sure this illness is no longer present. lots of more detailed tests beyond cea, ca199 that check for any remaining sign of malignancy inside the biochemical components inside macropages. this test is only in germany, its about $300, but the blood has to get to the lab in 5 hours. 

conventional medicine in australia fills me with a certain fear, i have come this far not to risk my survival to this system. I spent invested a large fortune in my survival, its all documented in my posts on cancer survivors network and for the last 14 months my blog. just goggled peter trayhurn. I hope this helps and gives some hope.

I firmly believe I have found some therapies that are reproducable, read my story. sorry about the mess, the spelling, the grammar. my dream , and i am sure its shared by all of us is to find a workable cure fast. I suspect it exists in germany.
its a combination of therapies at three clinics. I hope other gamblers, risk takers, lovers will take an enjoyable european vacation and have lots of fun, visit these clinics, hopefully achieve substantial improvement if not cure. Its the sort of clincial trial only us as a few communities can put together.

the therapies work, for me and for others.

a huge caveat, my success is about a good as the clinics have seen in 3 months, my chemo free ( in recurrence phase ) , my ultra detoxed, ultra healthy body ( lost 57kiloggrams ), organic, juicing, supplements etc etc etc a factor in my immune systems response. at least thats what i suspect. a friend on xeloda with a lunbg met, did removab and his cea increased a little. so be prepared to invest $120,000 for say 10 weeks therapy and you may not get my results, then again you might. noone can say, but what you get is highly personalised oncology using any and all chemos, naturals, on and off label drugs ever imagined. fede's list is pretty impressive. i am on most of it, or was besides some dodgy questionable things.

its a beautiful world, we are beautiful people, my kids gave me the motivation find my cure, i am almost their. if the cure was on the moon, i would get there somehow. everything i have tried has been shared for free, for what it is. good luck and have fun. Hope and faith are the keys to my success and so much support.

I realise few of us have the funds to invest in health that I was lucky to have, my blogging and posting is my way of sharing at least what i can. When I am clear and finished treatments i dream of setting up a charity to allow disadvantaged to access these clinics, its a dream. in the meantime elements of the therapies can be done cheaply. I hope my non convnetional success boosts morals and does not cause distress to those recently diagnosed or those following convnetional therapies.

I believe my success so far, I won't use "cure" shows the value of a non conventional approach. My me, based on my research the conventional offerings were just to risky. My remission is fragile, i am trying not to prejuidice it, I am trying to not change to much of my current health style, which is my life style. so I really limit my computer time now. exercise, saunas, yoga, qigong and my family are far more important. I will update my blog when i can, with important updates.

better health to us all.

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I have watched your journey and have always been impressed with your fighting spirit! Enjoy your family!


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we all got great fighting spirits, i just tried it a different way and have been blessed.

the media has started, i wonder how far and how fast my little survival story will go this time.

i hope its bigger than the last one.

all the media, whatever money i get will go to the cancer survivors network as long as its channelled to colorectal patients going to germany.

money should not stop us trying these therapies, if thats what the patient wants.

being healthy in mind , body and spirit will be conditions of the grant and genuine financial hardship.

so starting dieting, exercising and meditating if you want a crack at this fund and these therapies.

this is just an idea, i might as well thank csn staff and management.

how ironic, the cancer survivors network is the most important part of our cure and we never even knew it.

emotional support is more important than medical support, especially when we are trying to implement self directed change.

my inconvenient truth, i wonder if gore will sue me for using a part of his title.

if csn pulls all my posts, you know the conspiracy theory was correct, i think thats unlikely.

I am not pursuing any media, but they have started approaching me. if my story has media value then why not get a messgae of hope out there.



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the medical report came in tonight, here it is as requested by a few.

I also did a media release, for some crazy reason. if the story goes nowhere it will be a relief in a way, but I feel compelled to see if its got legs and stands on its merits.


time will tell.



https://docs.google.com/file/d/1u1yfZFuumGcHCs0vVBvvMzkPk7S0qSzWLFxRFPnMeveq3pfNwQ9DfPij4_Fr/edit   german report


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WOW Pete, congratulations!!! No, really!!! You've been lurking around for a long while and while I'm more of a long time listener than a "talker" (or "writer") I have been following your path too. I am so happy to hear this news, it is so amazing!!! I wish you continued health and please don't forget us here who have became CSN-addicted. ;) All the best, Pete!


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