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Post Treatment Anal cancer anal biopsy

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Hi All,


I completed treatment Oct 31.2012 for 4 cm anal cancer tumor with 3 pelvic nodes involves 2 close to the tumor and one by the tail bone. I had good news this past Wed, from the oncologist, with a clear CT ( after being denied PET scan by insurance)

I was told I need a biopsy and have scheduled an appointment with a colo-rectal surgeon for Jan 28.

What is involved with a biospy? Will it be done that day? Is it done in the office? ( and my biggest concern) Is it painful?

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Hopefully, someone will chime in and answer your questions.  I have never had a procedure for the sole purpose of having a biopsy like you will have.  The only times I've had them was initially during my colonoscopy when I was diagnosed, then about 2 years later, when I had 3 small anal warts removed under anesthesia that were biopsied.    I had little or no pain after either one of them.

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Hi. My biopsy was done in a hospital under general anesthesia. There was only mild pain afterwards for a few days.

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I just had a biopsy done this week.  Had it because my first post-treatment PET scan showed a very small area with an SUV of 6.6 and the docs want to see if it's tumor or scar tissue.  The surgeon performed it as an outpatient surgery with a spinal and something to make me sleep through the procedure (I told the anesthesiologist I wanted to be completely unaware of what was going on).  I had a few days where my pain level went up but now it's back to what is normal for me right now.  I spent more time lying down because sitting was even more uncomfortable than usual. I am now anxiously awaiting the results, crossing all my fingers and toes, hoping it's scar tissue.

I'm curious to know if others have had biopsies after their first post-treatment scans.

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I just wanted to say hello and wish you all good results on your biopsy.  Please let us know.  I would guess that the activity seen on your PET scan was scar tissue, inflammation and/or radiation damage.  Fingers crossed for you!

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Hi, congrats on the clear scan, thats always good to hear! The only biopsy I had was at the time of diagnoses. In my case it was done right in the surgeons office. I was at that time in overall pain anyhow, but the area was numbed and biopsy done with no additional pain to follow. It really makes a difference on exactly where the area is that they are taking from. Hoping all goes well, keep us posted.

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Congrats on your clear scan! I didn't have a biopsy post treatment. It was pre treatment and there was discomfort, but didn't last long. It was done in a hospital and I was "out".



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Thank you all for your replies. I did not think I had seen where many others had had post treatment biopsies. I was hoping to hear that I will be out for this, and the consensus here goes along with that.

I do want to see the colo- rectal surgeon anyway. My tumor was 4 cm long and the total circumfrance of my anal canal, so my stool size had gotten quite thin pre treatment.

Post treatment the size is a little larger but not by much. I also have significant discomfort if I have more than 3 bowel movements in the morning, to the point that it is not something that i can ignore, and is not relieved by OTC meds. I am finding if I take an oxycodone it is relieved and I am able to function.

So am hoping for some answers/solution from the surgeon. Alll the oncologist has said in response is that it may be due to inflammation still.




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I'm scheduled Feb 8th for my first biopsy. I was told yesterday that it would be basically the same procedure as a colonoscopy. I will be out and may feel slight discomfort afterwards but nothing major. I had the same thing done when I was diagnosed and that was painless afterwards. I would think your first visit is a consultation and the doctor will explain the procedure to you. I was told I have to do all the colon cleansing the day before. Yuck...

Best wishes to  you. God Bless


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I am not post treatment but have had numerous surgeries and biobsies, my last biopsy was under anesthesia in the hospital, home the same day, I had the procedure on a Thurs and was back at work Tues, however if I had a job where I wasn't on the move all day I probably could have gone in Monday. The biopsy prior to that was in the office and I was only home one day and sore, given the choice I prefer the hospital and being put out. As for the painful and numerous bowel movements, I am also in that situation with usually 3 movements before going to work, I keep a sitz bath in both my upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, I find much relief with the sitz and I also agree the otc doesn't help my pain either I also need oxycodone or percocet although having to go to work I settle for aleve which seems to be my best otc helper. Glad to hear your scans are clear, good luck with your biopsy and consider the sitz while recooping from the procedure as well. Let us know how it all goes, sending positve energy your way !

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