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Good News

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Just finished 5 months of Doxil which did not work and then 6 treatments of Carbo for first recurrance. I am happy to report that my ca 125 is 11 and we are calling it a remission. Not doing a CT scan as they hardly ever show my disease. No bloodwork or doctor appts for 4 months! Dr told me to take a long trip and enjoy life. I am blessed for at least a while.

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2timothy1 7
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CongratulationS!!!  enjoy NED!!

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I am so happy for you!  Follow your doctor's orders and take that long trip and enjoy life!


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Glad to be done
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Fantastic News............ We celebrated with a party.  The morning I found out we texted all of our closest friends and family to let them know the news and tell them that we were havning pizza and stuff and to my surprise everyone came.  Go out to dinner.  Do something to celebrate.  Take  a deep breath and enjoy the next 4 months.


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So very pleased for you.   A wonderful thing to be in remission.   Yes get out there and enjoy life, maybe do some little trips and plan the big one!   Most of all enjoy your loved ones and do all those things you wanted to but were unable to do while you were on chemo.   

Julie x

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I am so happy for you.  I agree...go out and enjoy!



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