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VIN/Cancer and Associated Itch

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HISTORY: I am 55, had CIN 28 years ago and then had both pre-cancerous VIN and CIN growths removed back in 2005.  In 2005 one doctor removed most of my cervix then my oncologist removed my left inner labia.  Now, over the past several years, I've had incessant itching which I've been asking my gyno about.  I didn't get any answers but was given clobetasol ointment to stop it.  During my last gyno visit this past June, I asked my doctor about it again.  He told me I had lichen schlerosis and gave me clobetasol, again.  Well, the itching continues.  Because I was getting concerned, back in September I inspected myself "down there".  I found an area of discolored, grayish looking skin.  Initially I thought it must be the lichen schlerosis my gyno had told me about, right?  Well, my concern drove me to call my oncologist for a second opinion (he's the one who performed mt last surgery).  I saw him in December and when he saw the grey skin, he immediately performed a punch biopsy.  The result came back VIN III.  I will be seeing him again on 1/21/13 to discuss when he'll be operating to remove this growth.

QUESTION:  For those of you who have also experienced the relentless itching that sometimes comes with VIN and cancer, did the itch occur at the same position as where the VIN or cancer site was?  I ask because my VIN skin is in one place (let's say 6:00 position) and the itch is on the other side (9:00 position).  I'm concerned that I may have more involvement than just what is clearly visible.


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I know that itching is a symptom of VIN.  I don't know anything about where the itching is though.  I know my gyno is having the gyno onco have me "mapped".  You might want to ask about this.  It's when they put some acid solution on you and look at you with some microscope and do more biopsies - multiple biopsies....not fun but you get a better idea of where things stand.




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