update and happy new year

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Hello Family,


Firstly I want to thank those who sent me a Christmas card, it was really very sweet and it put a smile on my face every time I received one. Finances prevented me from sending any out abroad, but (touch wood, god willing) next Christmas those on the list will not escape me. :-)

I have been lurking, I think losing the e-mails I had here I sort of became depressed over it, because some of them were from those who had passed on. But knowing them, they would not want me to stay sad and would want me to come back and try and help in any way i can even if it's sending out a hug.

I did try and post on my mobile as at times I can not sleep so in the past I have posted from there, but the recent changes to the forum it wont let me do it.

Anyway that's no excuse as I have a laptop and should get my butt on it which I have done tonight. :-)


Anyway I'm in the 4th year, having staved off the beast for the three years running, so touch wood it stays away from me for this year. Had my bloods done everything was fine including cea, my scan will be in March so I can sort of breathe until then. :-)

Hugs to all who know me, those who don't I am trouble ;-) teasing I hope to try and offer some sort of assistance to you, even if it's just sending a hug.


Written an essay so I will go :-)