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cancer of the epiglottis

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I was wondering if there is anyone whom had/has cancer of the epiglottis. I have been searching symptoms of cancer of the epiglottis to see if spitting is a symptom. I have been unsuccessful. One of my husbands symptoms that brought us to the dr in the first place was constant need to spit. He is 1o weeks post treatment now and has no saliva (constanlty has to be drinking water which I know is normal for post radiation). For the past week and a half it is like deja vu all over again and he is spitting constintly again. Should I be worried? My husband was always the one who has been positive and I was the one that says what if, but now he has lost the positive attitude. We are still awaiting an appoitment time for the PET Scan. I am trying really hard not to worry about it, however now my kids are noticing the spitting again and are getting worried.

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de vinci robotic surgery in November 2011 to remove my epiglottis, the mucus after was horrible, I went thru a box of kleenex a day..it lasted with me for about 7 months and I still feel like there's something in my throat at times. I was blessed not to have to have chemo or radiation...I would say the spitting is normal, but, still check with the Dr

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My husband was diagnosed in 2010 with laryngeal cancer, underwent 35 radiation and 3 chemo and then had a complete laryngectomy in March 2011.  He has spit continuously ever since.  It got worse after he had to undergo another 35 radiation and 7 chemo treatments that ended in July 2012.  We have been told that this is all from the radiation and that hopefully it will get better once again.  I used to say that we kept the paper towel companies in business because he was going thru almost 2 rolls a day.   Now he spits into a container and doesn't use as many paper towels. 

We were told at the very beginning that radiation on the neck and throat was the worse and my husband said if he had to go thru it again, he wouldn't.  Well when faced with inoperable cancer the second time and told that only radiation and chemo was available, he went thru it again.  And as far as your husband not being as positive, that is very understandable. 

Best wishes, Sharon

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But did want to stop in to show my support and whisper a prayer healing goes well and spitting turns out to be nothing.



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