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Happy happy New Year

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Hi All

After 3 rounds of Caelyx (Doxil) with awful awful side effects and rising CA125 I have now completed my first round of Gemcetabine (Gemzar).   Thankfully no side effects at this stage however first blood tests have shown my CA125 has DROPPED from 425 to 306!!!!   I am so excited!!!   After several months of bad news at each visit to my Oncologist this is such a wonderful way to start the New Year.   Next week I start on my second round of treatment and I can't wait to get into it!   I was struggling to remain positive and was slipping further and further down but that one wonderful result has turned me around.   I am also feeling much better in myself now that he Caelyx (Doxil) is out of my system.   My skin has almost healed though I feel a bit like a snake with the peeling!!  


I do wish you all a happy, healthy and loving New Year.



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Great news on your numbers and the success of your new program.  Hoping for all the best for you in 2013!  And thanks for all the help and info you've given me.

Best Friend
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My mom has one more Doxil left. It'ss strange how it affects her. she's definitely ready for a break. i thought urs was helping you. did they take u off just cuz of side effects. Hoping after this one she can rest. Her number is a 22 now. we shall see!

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Wow! 2013 is going to be great for you guys, Julie and Seatown!


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Really appreciate your support.   How are you doing?  Do hope 2013 going well for you too.   My hubby and I are scheduling a trip to N W Canada in September!   We are planning to go to the Great Bear Rainforest north of Vancouver and to spend some time in and around Vancouver and Vancouver Island.   Hoping it all works out!   

Love and best wishes, Julie X

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Hi there, Glad to hear your Mum has had such good results and now looking forward to a break.   I was taken off the Doxil mainly because of my rising CA125 while I was on it.  It was very much not the best thing for me with that and the side effects.   Every body is different and we all seem to react differently don't we.   Just need to keep experimenting and find the right one for each of us.   Thankfully the Gemzar is continuing to be better for me.  In another 2 weeks I will find out how round 2 has gone.   Best wishes to your Mum.

Julie x

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