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Tough Prognosis part 2

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Hello to all the fellow survivors and wishing a Healthy New Year.  A big thank you for all the comments, thoughts, & prayers during my recent diagnosis. I am amazed each day at the amount of love that pours out from this site.  I also wish to thank those visiting my Caringbridge site it makes my journey easier as well as boosting my spirits. I have not given up as I have faith, hope, & still believe in miracles just like the rest of you( I just need to be prepared for the worst). I am doing very well at this time with relatively few changes, so I don't feel like I am going to kick the bucket any time soon. The hospice home care has been outstanding for getting anything I need as well as truly caring for me and my family. I think of the members here as a second family that understands what I have gone through and I will still continue to visit, but most of my postings will be at my Caringbridge site to keep family members updated.  Thank you for your continuing support it truly helps me.


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Know too that I will also be seeking that miracle for you as well.......your post is very encouarging....thanks for sharing.





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Take it to it Randy...stay positive, keep fightng and especially believe in those miracles...


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So many nice thoughts, you are giving me a swelled head.  Stay tough and keep the faith and I will too.


Fellow warrior,



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Pam M
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Keep your great attitude - you know how much it helps.  Don't worry about not posting here for a while - we know where to stalk you - - I mean, find you.

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D Lewis
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Thanks for the update Randy.  Also following your Caringbridge site.


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Hello....I've been wanting to let you know I've been watching and listening.  I hear in this post what I knew I would eventually !  HOPE....I don't know about most people but they hear hospice care and think the worst case scenario.  Not so in todays world !  Being at home, (or for some home type environment) and trying to battle makes more sense to me.  I know that being at peace with all of what is thrown at us is where we all need to be.  Randy I'm holding you and your family in my prayers nightly...and knowing that you are mentally in a good place.  Please when you can keep us updated.   Katie

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trying to restore order after attack last night.  pushing to the top

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