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Okay, We're Home Now & Word Of Warning

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Brought hubby home last night from hospital, a little worse for wear. His diuretics have all but been removed, which is supposed to put less stress on the kidneys, but in turn has left him with swollen feet and legs so walking is impaired. Will be seeing Cardio, Endocrinologist, and selecting Nephrologist in the near future, as well as getting back with MDA.

As for the word of warning, I posted this to my friends on the Colon Board also. As I was filling an antibiotic for him at Walgtreens last nght, I was telling the pharmacist what the contrast dye had done to him. She asked if he is on Metformin. He is not. But I know it is being used for some cancer patients now. Those on Metformin have a greater risk of kidney failure when getting contrast dye. Please check with your doctor on this as I would hate to see any of you go through what my hubby has.

Take care,



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My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes and they want him to go on metaformin once treatments are done... Bet he doesn't now!  Can't wait to talk with his endocrinologist in two weeks .. Is she crazy?


appreciate the warning!



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I have Type II Diabetis and use Metformin. In Type II Diabetis, insulin resistance is the problem. This means, there may be enough insulin but the cells don't know how to use the insulin to covert food into energy. That's were Metformin comes in. It allows cells to burn energy.

Like all medication, don't use it if you don't need it. But if your cells are not efficiently converting energy ....?

I am always told to skip the Metformin for 24/48 hours before receiving contrast or undergoing most surgical procedures. The problem is that both Metformin and the contrast are large molecules, and it is too much for the kidneys to handle both of them. I am also told to wait a day after most procedures before restarting Metformin.

Of course, one should always take advantage of the "natural solutions" for diabetis. That is, limiting carbohydrates and sugars. A healthy diet is the first line of defense against diabetis. Then comes medications like Metformin. The "final" line of defense is insulin. Rick.

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I had a CAT w/ contrast, I was told not to take my med the day of and for 48 hours afterward. Why is it some docs are up another stats and others are not.

Hope all goes well ...have a safe , healthy New Year.




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So glad to hear you made it home.  Maybe now you can eat some real food and get some rest.

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You guys try to enjoy the week-end as best you can...and be normal a little.

Best ~ John

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I often wonder if the med cocktail I mix is safe.  Thanks for the heads up.  Now try and relax and enjoy the weekend.





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Pam M
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My office ALWAYS checks my kidney function before any tests are done (maybe creatinine and BUN, I don't recall).  I do not take meds for diabetes, but was diagnosed diabetic after my pre-surgery (biopsies, tonsillectomy) bloodwork showed bad glucose levels.  I only took meds for a while - went off them during treatment, and doc said after treatment I could stay off meds, and we'd monitor my levels.

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I selected an ENT from UHC's covered doctors. This was our first visit to him. You know the kind, that halfway through your 15 minute visit, he finally looks at all the medical history and says, "Oh, you're diabetic and also have a pacemaker?"

His part has been to discover the black spot on hubby's tongue and have it biopsied, schedule a lymph node biopsy(which was botched), schedule a head CT, and then schedule a PET/CT(which appears to be the culprit in all this). He appeared offended when we mentioned a second opinion(RED FLAG), and it was like pulling teeth to get suggestion for who to see for onc and rads.

No bloodwork was done and we we not aware that hubby already had several risk factors involved with this procedure. Unfortunately, hubby has suffered the consequences of this doctor's ineffiency.

As a side note, and should have been another RED  FLAG, this appt. took place during elections and he made some very unfavorable comments about our current President. We both just thought this was odd, as we were complete strangers, and this subject was way off topic.

Glad your glucose levels straightened out and you don't have that worry to deal with also.



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My mom was a HUGE believer in always asking the pharmacist about mixtures/food/etc when filling a prescription because "those damn Dr.'s just prescribe, but never read the fine print"...


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