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What's this life all about ?

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I asked myself this as I was being pushed back into more surgical procedures this past week.  Then it hit me between the blinkers as my family (especially while my 14 month old grandson and 79 yr old Father blew me kisses) that life for me is about not just talking the talk but actually walking the walk.  While my body is weak, and still disease lurking.....I am unconditionally loved by loads of people young and old.  I must have done something right along the way hunh ?  This time of year is my favorite....and once again I am unable to participate in the hoop law and fun.  But my loved ones gave me more than just a mere gift wrapped in pretty paper w/bows.  They shared of themselves and joined in prayer for this old woman.  I am a very happy woman this year and very blessed !   Katie (H/N survivor)

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You said it so well, our family member sharing themselves to still be a part of our life is so much more then any gift wrapped in paper. This year going by I seen the gift of life in my 6 months old granddaughter and next year if I should still be alive I will see it again in my daughter-in-law.


God is so very good

Tim Hondo

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After having asked myself so many times what life is all about and coming up with a few diferent answers of my own, I finally realized that I  will only find out as soon as I make it home to the almighty and to be honest I'm just dying to die. 


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The Bible tells me that one day all this sickness & evil will come to an end, and all who by faith believed in God Son will live again. I don’t worry any more about dying because I know where I am going when I do. What a blessed hope we have in Jesus.


God Bless


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Your write bup is really making me think about wehat makes me really happy should matter

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Enjoy your posts, but finding out what life is abuot is not so difficult. A good place to start is my post above. love, Swami rakendra

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