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Vectibix only...an offhanded Christmas gift

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Ok,, well as you may recall I have been very confused by the results I have been getting.
I did the usual Folfox initially and still 6 months later mets were found in my lungs.. tiny yet many..
so then my first onc wanted on give me xeloda.. didn't sound right to me since that is 5FU which I had been on for most of 2011 (prior to surgery and then in the Folfox) so I wanted something different and changed onc and started on Folfiri in May 2012 adding Vectibix in late May after my Kras was determined to be negative(I am not a mutant). Well scan in march and biopsy determined I had mets.. scan in July showed no new growth but nothing less. So i continued with treatments..in Sept when my hands looked like they were coming apart at the seams, 5FU was stopped and we eased up on some of the Irenotecan. Since I needed to have my backend resewn up(like a stuffed animal)we stopped Irenotecan in November and I had the surgery and stayed on with Vectibix. Prior to surgery I had a pet CT.. well NO CHANGE.. but some cells appear to be necratic in their centers.. Well this leaves with a label of STABLE.. hmmm... not really what I wanted to hear but sort what I knew to expect... so disapointment is my label I give myself..
We have decided to stay on Vectibix for awhile alone without chemo.. maybe my hair will grow back .. and i am already feeling like I am coming back to live... but all in all.. I still can't help but wonder with every post I read... I am afraid we are all just experiments... and no one truly knows why some courses of action work for one person but not the next...
My christmas wish with all we have seen occur this year would be for a magic pill we could all take that would iradicate this mess from all our lives.. I guess I got a decent gift of Vectibix only as my hair will return and peple are already telling me I look better with the return of color to my face.. As my energy returns.. I actuallly took my recyclibles out all by myself today and baked some cookies last night and will continue thru out the next couple of days... and I have a week off from work.. which is awesome.. so all in all I guess I can say I something to be greatful for this year. Thank you everyone here who offers their thoughts and comments as I have learned so much from everyone and I hope we all continue to be so wonderful to each other in 2013.
So God Bless Us ALL ... Everyone...

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I'm happy that you're feeling more positive about your situation. I hope you have the most Merry Christmas ever. You deserve it!


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Good to hear the vectibix is working for you and with minimal side effects. I'm like you wishing for that magic pill.....heck, if there was a pill that would keep me stable, with minimal side effects, that would work for years and years I'd take that!!! If they could just find something that the cancer didn't find it's way around!!!

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glad you are getting a wee break. there used to an ad on tely that showed someone struggling down the driveway with garbage......they were in chains and dragging enormous weight. It was an ad about cancer and chemo and that's pretty much how one starts feeling......look at you !!!! baking cookies.....that takes some stamina.....good stuff.

hope you get some hair sooooon

take best care,


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understand how frustrated you are. i am sorry that you have gone thru so much. the good news is that there is no new growth. and you will get hair & feel better. i will pray for reduction of the mets. i wish you a merry Christmas & enjoy your time off work!

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and the additional energy! It's nice being able to just do a few things around the house without having to take a nap afterwards, isn't it? Happy holidays! Ann Alexandria

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