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Planned CSN Outage

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CSN will be down from 9 pm Eastern Time Thursday (tomorrow) until 9 am Eastern Time Friday getting a badly needed software upgrade. You will notice a few formatting changes and enhancements. Most importantly, site functionality should improve significantly.

aka Your CSN staff

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Wishing you guys at CSN a happy Holiday Season.


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A new soft and some “glitches”. I believe you are ready for the comments, and hopefully ready for the improvements.
I have noticed at the “Creator” of each thread (at the “front page”, got the name of the member that submitted the latest reply. It needs to be corrected.

Happy Holidays

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I would like to suggest an improvement in this software upgrade with regards to the “flow” of comments in each thread. I would make it impossible to post in the middle of a thread.

New comments should be restricted to be inserted at the end of the thread, after the last post.


The fact is that quite often we see threads being whisked by newbies requesting for opinions or advices on their particular cases, and quite often their subjects are totally different from the subject of the creator of the thread.


Allowing posts of being inserted anywhere in the thread leads to ambiguity and many readers would not benefit from what could be a very interesting and educational subject to their cases.


Just my opinion.


VG  Wink

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if possible, it owuld be nice to have a spell check on the comment banner.


Happy and Healthy Holiday, and New Year

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Thanks you for this outstanding neetwork. It is so great to be able to talk to others that have the same problems. It is a valuable resource!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again!!


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