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My mama

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Hello everyone. My name is Steve Herrera my mama was just diagnosed squamous cell cancer. It started off as a nasal infection and low and behold they found squamous cell. We found out that the tumor is about the size of a baseball :( and it is pressing up against her optic nerve causing double vision. She is nauseous, and starting to eat little by little. She has not had any treatments yet she can't get in till the 27th of Dec. my sister in law came across a new treatment in Denver called novalis tx the cyber-knife. Has anyone had any experience with this type of cancer? And also this treatment? They take her insurance which is great we just don't have any answers to what the treatment is like. Please help sincerely Steve Herrera .

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Welcome to our site and most sorry to hear about your Mom. I don’t have any direct connection to the Cyber-Knife, but have read good reviews and have heard of someone here using that procedure with good results. My experience was with traditional (scalpel) surgery followed by 35 rounds of radiation and 8 rounds of Erbitux treatments.

They have made great strides in helping Head & Neck cancers so your Mom should be in good hands. Be prepared for a busy few months. I am not the bravest warrior here, but I made it through and still happy.



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Welcome to our little club. I'm sorry you have the need to look us up but you are in good hands. I personally do not have experience with the cyber knife but I've heard of one or 2 people on here who have had it and they report good results. I'm sure they will be here soon to help you out with that.
My treatment for a tumor on my vocal cord area in my larynx was also SCC and I had more standard treatment of 8 erbitux and 35 radiation treatments. I finished my treatment in the beginning of July of this year (2012) and my scans show no signs of the tumor or cancer.
So I take it your mom lives in Denver? You may find siomeone on here who lives in that area who can guide her to their doctors or facilities. Try to relax a bit, treatment for head and neck cancer has come a long long way and is very successful for most people. Don't stress about the wait until the 27th either, these things do not grow nearly as fast as our minds tell us they do. It took 2 months for me to get moving on my treatment once I was diagnosed.
Take care and feel free to come to us with any and all questions.

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sorry you had to look for us, but am delighted that you found us!!

Just keep checking back in here, as I know that there are a couple folks on here who had cyberknife treatment, and most certainly others who investigated it and will know something about it.

I'm sure you're scared, and the 27th seems so far out there, but like Billie said...this cancer grows pretty slow, and it took a while to get most of us from diagnosis to treatment (I was diagnosed on March 5th, and didn't get started on treatment until April 21st)...

You will find this forum active, and full of smart, supportive, caring people...it saved my butt from diagnosis to after treatment...this is a GOOD place.


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Pam M
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I have no experience with your mother's cancer. I have heard positive things about CyberKnife, but don't really know anything about it. I'm just chiming in to wish you all the best.

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Welcome Steve,

Like Pam, I can't offer much as for your mother's Dx, but have heard good things with cyber-knife.

There are some topics on the SuperThread (about 2/3 down) on CyberKnife;


The SuperThread has tons of other great information and links also, concerning treatment, tips and nutrition.

But I can offer support, prayers, and wishing the very best for your mother and family...


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Unfortunately we've had a lot of new members join our club lately, and many people have already given you some great advice. Rather than advice, I'll give you an encouraging statistic: more than 80% of HNC patients survive to the five-year "cured" time. But, it's a very difficult journey, so get your mother and yourself ready for that. Stay healthy yourself and find as much support for your mother as you can--this site is one of the best sources you can have, so come back soon and come back often.


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