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Recovery going well

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Hello Friends....I haven't posted for a while as my issues seem insignificant compared to some of the others here, but wanted everyone to know I am doing OK with recovery, get my first pet scan in a couple months, and do my 6 week post treatment with my
ENT next week, I hope he addresses my esophageal stricture, eating well through the tube, stopped loss, started a slow weight gain, my appetite for real food is through the roof, I love shopping and cooking for my son as it just makes my appetite that much stronger.

I want to wish everyone on the site, from old to new, young to old, caregiver or cancer fighter, blessings this Christmas season, may there be a miracle for each of us this season.
Although I have been silent on the site I have been praying and pulling for all of us on this crazy ride....I love you all like a second family, and am glad I found this site to share with.

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Pam M
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Beautiful sentiment, Jim. Very glad to hear you're doing so well - don't be ashamed to share your "insignificant" issues - most of us here have issues that are minor compared to some. They are still issues. Just because one man has no feet doesn't mean that an ingrown toenail doesn't really hurt another (even though he's grateful to have all 10 toes). If someone here posts about finally being able to taste chocolate again, it may be a painful reminder to some who can never eat by mouth again, and at the same time, a beacon of hope for some who have recently (and are praying temporarily)lost their ability to taste any food.

I'm glad you found the site, too.

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Glad you stopped in, and updated us on your progress. Glad to hear that you're gaining weight (that sure isn't easy using a tube). I remember well how my appetite went from so so to so strong, all I did was watch food shows, sit with hubby and my neighbors when they ate, hit the grocery store just to look at food...glorious food...LOL. Hoping the address that stricture for you, and get you back to eating the real stuff...

Pam is right...no issues are insignificant...and all improvements bring hope to those who are still in treatment...


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Hey Jim....

Glad you stopped by to update us ...was wondering about you ...also keeping your sister in my prayers ...just so you will know....as well as her family as you requested.

Merry Christmas to you all as well...



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Nice to hear you are doing well. I hope all goes well with eating again, having an appetite is half the battle (I had no appetite for food at all for 6 or 7 months). Keep healing and moving forward.

Merry Christmas,


And as Tim mentioned, we haven’t forgot about your sister.

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Thanks Guys, my Sister Susie, started her treatments last monday, and seems to be doing real well, her ONC chose weekly low dose Cisplaitin with daily rads, so far so good.
I'l try to remember to post her status too.

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Glad to know you are doing well and your sister. Christmas blessings to you and everyone on this site.

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