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Malignant Melanoma Stage II

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Hi Here is my story.... I was diagnosed in July with Malignant Melanoma Stage II cancer. It was found on my large left toe which I had the tumor removed. That is how we found it. It began with just an infected toe nail. Weird I thought!! Now I have had 2 pet Scans, and multiple tests and 3 total surgeries. They checked my groin lymph nodes that came out clear , but then found a lump in my leg. had that removed and also came back malenoma. Just had surgery last week to have the cells in the leg cleaned out. I am now suffering from a foot and leg that has no feeling, I am guessing the dr hit some nerves during surgery. I am struggling with trying to cope with missiing my large toe which they amputated too. Kinda hard to job interview when you cannot even walk right or wear dress shoes. I am so stressed out and my husband puts alot of stress on me to move forward and find a job. Can anyone relate? Thanks.

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