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Finished Treatment Today

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Hello everyone,

I'm so excited that I finished my radiation treatments today! I have all the normal genital inflamation (burns) and some raw skin areas but overall, I'm ok. I was so scared when treatment began but I want everyone to know, this is doable. I've taken two heavy pain pills along the way just to take the edge off..one on Fri one week and one on Sat the next week because of a full week of rad treatments. I could have probably taken more but I also was cautious of constipation and didn't want to over do it. I have a week or so before I start healing but I'm confident with God's continued grace that I'll be just fine. My counts are a little low but still ok enough where I don't need shots.

I feel such a release and now I can start thinking about Christmas and decorating and gifts and family and food and church events and..well, you get the point. hehe.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and for the positive words along the way!!

Much love,


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Yay! I am so glad that you are finished! Soon, that darned cancer will be history! God is good! Take good care of yourself for the next few weeks. Rest, drink lots of water, eat lean proteins, and avoid crowds. You really handled this whole thing like a champ! Hang in there!



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Oooh! I tried to post earlier today because I have been thinking about you. Fantastic that you have done it! Just look forward now, I start mine next Tuesday (still not confirmed though). Well done GiGi x

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I'm so glad you are finished with treatment and to hear that you are in pretty good shape. That's such a blessing and I'm sure you realize that after reading some other stories here. I'm so happy for you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

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Congratulations on finishing that part of the journey. Your positive attitude and faith are truely admirable. Enjoy your Christmas, but please rest and don't overdue too soon. Your body has been through a lot and needs recovery time. Perfect time of year to sit back and give thanks!

Dog Girl
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Congratulations. May your healing be swift and complete. But as cautioned by others, please do not overdo it. You can set yourself back in your recovery if you try to do too much too soon. However, do enjoy your Christmas with your family, friends, and church.

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Jo Joy
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Praise God!! Way to go big sis!! Celebrate!!! I have been drinking eggnog shakes (non alcoholic)in your honor. :o)

You already know the drill - rest when you are tired and don't push it because you know you will pay later if you do! I am keeping you in prayer.

Much love,


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Let the healing begin!


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Let the healing begin!

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That is so fantastic, you are a rock star!!! So glad you have posted all of your weeks through this. I just started and am on day 2. I can only hope that it goes as well as yours has. Soon you will be as good as new. =)

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Thank you everyone. I've continued to just rest this week. It appears I'm still progressing from the radiation as I had expected. I made a major mistake Monday after leaving treatment. Well, considering I had just left treatment I had no Aquaphor on as I didn't expect to need it until I got home. My husband decided to stop by the grocery store on the way home. I normally sat in the car but feeling liberated I went in. And walked the store for 30 minutes..well that was an epic fail. I guess the movement caused my fragile skin to break loose and I became much more raw afterwards. I learned my lesson trust me.

I'm praying for everyone still going through treatments.
Much love y'all

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Good for you in finishing treatment. I hope your healing will be swift. Happy Holidays to you, Lori

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