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Tina Brown
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Just a quck post about my ascities experience. After being told that my CT showed a good result my tummy began to grow.I thought I was imagining it and put it down to me putting on weight. But no, it was hard and me sides were bulging. Saw my oncologist and it was confirmed that I had ascites and I was admitted as an emergency "day case" patient. Well that turned out to be a farce.

I spent 4 days having been admitted into hospital waiting for the drain.

It was inserted and after only 6 hours it became blocked inside of me. It had only drained 1 1/2 litres.

I waited another 24 hours to be told this and had the drain removed.

They had no slots to have it re-inserted so I was sent home.

Now it is 4 days later. I am still at home, still waiting. I feel that the 1 1/2 litres that was drained off has come back.

Just got a phone call to go back in. I bet I will be waiting another 4 days :(

To say I am fed up and very emotional is an under statement. I feel completely let down by my hospital.

I am just going to get myself out of bed and try to get dressed without getting too breathless.

Hopefull the next time I post I will be "ascites free"

Tina xx

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Hi Tina , sorry to read this , I just happened to drop by , that is outrageous , mum had to have endless drains , we never had an issue like this , they used to take nearly 4 litres a time , it only took 2 hours at most ! Why in earth could they just not reinsert it?

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So sorry to hear this Tina. Just know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I too am so sorry you are dealing with this. You were doing so well! Are you on any chemo now? I do hope they get you in and you are more comfortable. In my thoughts and prayers

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Hi Tina,

So sorry to hear your latest news and that you have been given the runaround by the hospital! I do hope they have now admitted you and drained the ascites to make you more comfortable! Understand totally that you are feeling emotional and fed up! Such a shame following on your recent good news! Yes, bring on more good news!

Thinking of you and sending love and positivity!

Julie x

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Tina Brown
Posts: 1054
Joined: Nov 2009

FINALLY I am drained out. Well as much as I could be. It turns out that I have pockets of fluid all over my abdomen. I guess it is because of the disease that I do not have a completely open space in there. So the first drain was sucessful as it completely drained ONE pocket. My second and last drain completely drained another pocket. In theory I could've stayed in hospital until Christmas having various pockets drained. But my oncologist decided to put me straight on chemo as this will clear up any fluid still there.

I don't have a total amount drained as the hospital haven't told me yet.

My new chemo is Etopocide in tablet form. I take 2 tablets a day for 7 days & then I get 4 weeks off.

Thanks for all of your support, Tina xxxx

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Ascites can really make you feel miserable, so I'm happy to hear that your situation has improved. I went through three paracentesis early on in my diagnosis last year as the fluid levels in my abdomen were very high. (Breathing became difficult and forget about being able to touch my toes!) I was fortunate, however, that each drain I had was fairly straightforward and over in about two hours. At least 5 litres were drained each time.

I haven't heard of your new chemo Etopocide, but wish you well on it. Four weeks off will be nice too!

Your posts always inspire me Tina, and it's comforting to know that there are others out there, like me, who are battling this same disease.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming Holiday Season and may the New Year be a good one for all of us!


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