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Some of the gals want to know more.

Ginger Girl
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Joined: Oct 2012

I had some gals contact me privately who are interested in the cannabis treatment of breast cancer...(it works on most other cancers too). Here is a site that has some good information. I will post more links in the future too. Take care gals and God Bless!


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Thank you ginger' that site looks like a wealth of very interesting and promising research and information

Thanks for sharing

Ginger Girl
Posts: 19
Joined: Oct 2012

You are very welcome Diane. Glad to help. I just got a private message from the administrator of this site and told me not to post this crazy stuff any more. I hope some of the gals who are interested in this will keep on researching. I will keep coming to this site every now and then...so if you want to ask any more questions I will still be happy to answer them. I guess I have to do everything privately from now on. Take care Diane. I will be praying for you and all the gals on here. Ginger

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Under "Open Source Educating" the articles that it site states are very old, 1998, 2006, 2008, 2009 but not recent ones.

Places do research on everything but until it leaves the lab and is tested on people not mice, it's not a cure or anything except "might be". Trials on real people have to state it is safe and work before " it's a go".

joeybirdie mentioned in her post to me on your other one that:
"I have seen many news programs discussing MMJ for curing cancer. I've read numerous articles in newspapers on this very subject. Facebook has many pages about RSO and raw cannabis."

Well, I read many, many magazines, newspapers, I live near a large research lab and know people who work in the place. If this was even a possibility of a cure, I would have read it, heard about it. Facebook is not considered a source and web page which only promote a product isn't a good source.

I remember an era where women died from their aggressive cancer before the discovery of the oncogene Her2 was found and a treatment was approved. Your playing Russian Roulette and it will be to late should you go from stage II to IV. I hope Ginger you really consider at least taking Herceptin. There is no "do overs" and it is such a serious disease.


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Agree with Doris.

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Doris.

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It upsets me terribly to think someone newly dx'd and scared looking for a "cure" would even consider this as an option. Your post showing the truth may save a life!

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Beautifully written Doris! My gut says that Ginger Girl is selling or promoting the stuff. My mama always said, "If it sounds to good to be true...." Buyer beware! See below for ways to spot quackery:

FYI, the below is from http://www.quackwatch.com/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/spotquack.html

"They Promise Quick, Dramatic, Miraculous Results."

"Often the promises are subtle or couched in "weasel words" that create an illusion of a promise, so promoters can deny making them when the "feds" close in. False promises of cure are the quacks' most immoral practice. They don't seem to care how many people they break financially or in spirit—by elation over their expected good fortune followed by deep depression when the "treatment" fails. Nor do quacks keep count—while they fill their bank accounts—of how many people they lure away from effective medical care into disability or death."

Anecdotal evidence.

"We all tend to believe what others tell us about personal experiences. But separating cause and effect from coincidence can be difficult. If people tell you that product X has cured their cancer, arthritis, or whatever, be skeptical. They may not actually have had the condition. If they did, their recovery most likely would have occurred without the help of product X. Most single episodes of disease end with just the passage of time, and most chronic ailments have symptom-free periods. Establishing medical truths requires careful and repeated investigation—with well-designed experiments, not reports of coincidences misperceived as cause-and-effect. That's why testimonial evidence is forbidden in scientific articles, is usually inadmissible in court, and is not used to evaluate whether or not drugs should be legally marketable. (Imagine what would happen if the FDA decided that clinical trials were too expensive and therefore drug approval would be based on testimonial letters or interviews with a few patients.)

Never underestimate the extent to which people can be fooled by a worthless remedy. During the early 1940s, many thousands of people became convinced that "glyoxylide" could cure cancer. Yet analysis showed that it was simply distilled water! [1] Many years before that, when arsenic was used as a "tonic," countless numbers of people swore by it even as it slowly poisoned them."

"They Claim They Are Being Persecuted by Orthodox Medicine
and That Their Work Is Being Suppressed Because It's Controversial."

"The "conspiracy charge" is an attempt to gain sympathy by portraying the quack as an "underdog." Quacks typically claim that the American Medical Association is against them because their cures would cut into the incomes that doctors make by keeping people sick. Don't fall for such nonsense! Reputable physicians are plenty busy. Moreover, many doctors engaged in prepaid health plans, group practice, full-time teaching, and government service receive the same salary whether or not their patients are sick—so keeping their patients healthy reduces their workload, not their income."

Read more ways to spot quackery at http://www.quackwatch.com/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/spotquack.html

Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

Do what your doctors tell you.Don't go with everything you read or hear.Yours doctors know al about your cancer.They have treatments for you that need to be done to save your life.

I didn't need chemo or radiation.Stage 0 but still I worry about not at least having radiation.It's been 3 1/2 years for me.So far things are pretty good.A few scares but it turns out positive.

Hope you rethink things.Millions of people dx with cancer are living long lives by having treatments and listening to their doctors.

There's still time to get your treatments.

Lynn Smith

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