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Tim asked how to embed hyperlinks. Well there is no simple solution; but there is a complex solution. One can embed a hyperlink in a message by using the html anchor tag. Sounds easy. Here is the trick.

WARNING: All parts of the hyperlink must be balanced. For example all open quotes much have a matching closed quotes. An unbalanced hyperlink will produce havoc.

Background: In a past life, I was a real-time embedded processor software engineer. Learning the basics of web design was simple for me. My daughter-in-law bought a small motel in a rural area of Oregon. My wife and I designed a web site for her.

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...but when it said the whole page could be corrupted (by little old me), I decided to leave hyer links to the pros... :)


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The only trick is proof reading. For example: If you forget the closing > , the rest of the text will be considered as part of the anchor tag. It would disappear since the contents of the anchor tags are not displayed. If you forget close anchor tag, then everything becomes part of the selected text.

If you mess up, just edit your text and erase it. I would try this either in this thread or in a new thread of your own.

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PhillieG uses the same method that I also do.

When I create a link, I like it to open in another window, so you aren't redirected from your original site;

Tutorial for Links

But I also, use a lot of HTML to change font size, font color, italics, bold, etc...


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