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Thanks to all the wonderful ladies ,I think teal sisters have the biggest hearts..

debbie steadham
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Joined: Aug 2012

Well got one under my belt,I was there for 9 hours because they did the normal slow drip.Everything went fine just had a little dull headache and some tummy cramps when i got home.I go back tomorrow for 4 hours just the cis.one i dont know how to spell it but im sure you know.Thanks again you are in my prayers hugs from here in Texas..Debbie

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Joined: Oct 2012

Wow Debbie,
Glad it went so well for you. 9 hrs is a long day. Hopefully the steroids and anti nausea drugs helped you today and will help with the Cisplatin tomorrow! Stay positive and strong. I hope you see some immediate positive results! Keep us posted. Sending you positive thoughts and energy! <3 Michele

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Joined: Nov 2009

one down... good for you. I like that they gave you a slowed down drip. It makes for a longer day, but they're being cautious as to how your body reacts. Remember we're right here cheering you on.
((((HUGS)))) Maria

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So glad you got the first one behind you and that the side effects were minimal. Keep us posted when you can, and I'm praying that the rest go just as smoothly!


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You're on your way to being done! Now you know what to expect and can be prepared for the next treatment. Stay strong, and I'll continue to send prayers your way!


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you had a smooth experience, Debbie. I hope you sail through this part of your journey.


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kimberly sue 63
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Joined: Apr 2012

hang in there...one down is great!!! Kim

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Glad to be done
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Joined: Jul 2012

Awsome... One less to worry about. Are you doing 6 total? I see a little dot of light at the end of the chemo tunnel... Prayers for you

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Like Maria said, the first one is the scariest. I found counting down the treatments really helped me deal with them. It was the mindset of "let git'er done." It really helped to know the side effects coming.

When I had a side effect I was not familiar with, I consulted my guide, given to me by the clinic. Or I posted on here. There is a wealth of information. It helped me feel more in control.

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That is why we are here ,glad first chemo went well.hang in there..8 to go....Val

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