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Stage 3B NED

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Hi all.
My farther was diagnosed in August with stage 3B non-small-cell adeno carcinoma. He went through 30-40 radiation treatments 5 days a week, and chemo once a week. He had his scans and met with his doctor today and they said NED no evidence of disease. What does this mean? How likely is this to reoccur again. Hes celebrating and im just scared hes going to be let down at his next scan in January. I know all of you are knowledgeable about this stuff any input would be helpful.

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I had exactly that profile and was NED ("No Evidence of Disease" = no active cancer seen) for 2.5 years. Most recent scans showed some changes, and now they have me on Xalkori (I am one of the lucky mutants).

"How likely" is a question that I don't think anybody can answer. There are too many variables. Some people have recurrences in a very short time. By contrast, when I had this discussion a year or so ago with my onco, he said he was that very day seeing the rich donor after whom the cancer center was named for his fifteen-year check.

It's best to banish that kind of what-if thinking from your mind, and by all means, Dad should celebrate. And do whatever else he enjoys!

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I was just wondering, you said that you have been in remission for 2.5 years. what stage of lung cancer where you diagnosed with ?

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This is a very GOOD thing ! The future is a scary thing if we let it be....please don't ! Rejoice in these latest findings ! Please enjoy the holidays and take a break from everything until January. Best wishes to your Dad and the entire family ! Katie

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Hello there!!

I was IIIB also, adenocarcinmoma of RL (tumor size of an orange) and some Lymphs. Chemo was taxol and carbo.
48 yrs old when this became apparant, I went 6 mo. NED but I got brain tumors rather early in the game, but after a couple of brain surgeries and 3 or 4 gamma radiation over 2 yrs I think I am well.
I have scans next week.

I am NED in the chest which was the original dx, I would say 2 yrs!

Best wishes to your father !!!


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